Book Ford MOT Online

Booking your Ford Mondeo in for its annual MOT becomes compulsory after three years of ownership and it is understandable that you are keen to find a garage you can trust to preserve the value and longevity of your car and maintain Ford's excellent service standards. 
In 2013, the block exemption laws changed, entitling vehicle owners to approach independent garages to complete their MOT, service and repairs without losing their original warranty. Protyre is considered the UK's foremost motor service garage and fitter and supplier of tyres. We offer the same service standards as a dealership for your Ford C-Max MOT at a competitive price.

Ford Motors is the commercial car company founded by the ultimate motoring innovator and enthusiast, Henry Ford. He loved the functionality of cars so much that he made sure they were accessible to everyone. Current Ford models are fast becoming contemporary classics, such as the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta. How your Ford Ka performs is crucial to the safety of you, your loved ones and other drivers on the road. The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has reported that an alarming 1,830 road accidents in 2015-2016 were caused by unroadworthy cars. It also revealed that 36.6 per cent of cars fail their MOT each year, with 27.5 per cent failing again after repairs.

Trusting a garage with your Ford S-Max MOT means you trust it to make sure your car is safe and continues to perform at optimum levels. Our team at Protyre is passionate about cars. We are an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable garage keeping cars roadworthy and in tip-top condition.

Five Top Tips for caring for your Ford

To keep your Ford MOT ready and operationally sound, here are five of our favourite tips for caring for your car:
1. Make sure you fill up the windscreen wiper spray.
2. Clean the windows, mirrors and your license plate, not forgetting to ensure that your license plate follows DVLA guidelines.
3. Sound your car horn. If it is faulty, it will need repairing or replacing.
4. Check that there is nothing stuck on the windscreen that obstructs driver vision, including damage. Keep your tax discs and other stickers out of the sweep area of your windscreen wipers. Any damage larger than 40mm will result in an MOT fail.
5. Test your seatbelts. Make sure they extend easily and properly, and check how they respond when pulled sharply - this will be their response when the car brakes suddenly.