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Citroen has some very popular models on the road, but an approaching Citroen MOT is an occasion for trepidation. To save peace of mind and money, there are risk factors you can anticipate. Our guide will help you to avoid a fail and stinging dealership repair charges.

Citroen C1 MOT

The Citroen C1 tends to fail because of tyre wear, especially on the front. This is a silly reason to fail any MOT - inspect and replace the tyres before the test, not forgetting the spare.
Lamps, reflectors and electrics are the commonest cause of fails on virtually every make on the road. A quick check of your lights could avoid an unnecessary fail. If you are no longer under a dealership service plan, you can get cheaper attention elsewhere. The bumper must be removed to change some bulbs, so labour charges can build up.
Brake problems are common on the C1. Again, save money by getting a check at a non-aligned garage such as Protyre.
The C1 has several other weaknesses, including the clutch and back box; therefore, regular servicing will save money in the long run.

Citroen C3 MOT

The Citroen C3 suffers a disproportionate number of fails due to suspension and to electrical problems rooted in the control unit. Reprogramming is not something you can fix yourself, so get timely attention before the MOT. An irregular or misfiring engine is likely to be due to the injector sensors.

Berlingo MOT

Electrical fails are common. If you know of any, check the fuses first; if the problem is the CPU, take a tip from Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayoade before you are rushed into an expensive replacement and try switching it off and on again. Disconnect the battery and leave the + and - cables in contact for 10 minutes to drain the CPU circuit. Next time you power up, it will go back to factory defaults and may work OK.

Cactus MOT

Tyre and brake issues are common on the Cactus and easy to avoid with a service call. 
As with other Citroens, the electrical system is problem-prone. Warning lights often stick on. You can try draining the CPU as above; otherwise, diagnostic software is needed.

C4 Picasso MOT

The Picasso's weakest points are similar, but the electrical faults are often down to the wiring loom.
It is advisable to change the oil and filter every 6,000 miles on this model.


This is a very reliable model, but it has a weakness for suspension problems. Most of its other faults are electrical but not MOT critical.