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  • Once your BMW is three years old it will need an annual MOT. This essential check will look at more than 150 emission- and safety-related systems on your BMW, including its steering, brakes, suspension and lights.

  • BMWs are generally renowned for their reliability, but even relatively new cars can encounter problems. These can put both your safety and that of your passengers at risk.

  • Your MOT check will look at all of the vital components of your car, and some BMW models do have common issues which will be checked to ensure that your vehicle offers you the performance and safety that you want and need.

  • Book BMW 1 Series MOT

  • When you book your BMW 1 Series MOT, research suggests that your car should have a high chance of passing, but the most likely reason for failure is the state of the tyres. Brake issues may be the next most common cause, followed by reflectors, lamps and electrical equipment problems.

  • The brakes and then the suspension on the BMW 3 Series have been shown to be the most likely cause of a failure in some studies, and your BMW 5 Series could be most likely to face issues with its brakes or tyres.

  • If you've booked, or are planning to book, a BMW Z4 MOT and you think you might have problems, it could be the suspension, brakes or tyres which might be the cause of a failure, while the BMW X3 and BMW X5 could be most likely to fail due to the brakes and the suspension.

  • Book My BMW MOT at Protyre

  • You could choose to take your BMW 1 Series or BMW X5 to a main dealer for its MOT, but wouldn't you rather find a better deal? Protyre offers just the service you need, providing superior standards at prices below those charged by most main dealerships. So whether you own a BMW 3 Series or a BMW X3, book your MOT at your local Protyre garage today.

  • The Protyre team are BMW experts, making us perfectly placed to carry out the very first MOT check on your BMW 5 Series or any subsequent BMW Z4 MOT checks. We offer the high standards you'd expect from BMW specialists but at a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere.

  • You can book your next BMW MOT immediately using the Protyre MOT online service. Simply enter your BMW registration number and a postcode and we will find the nearest centre to your home, workplace or wherever is the most convenient location for you.

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