Book MOT Test Check for my Bentley

As the driver of any Bentley Continental, Bentayga or Arnage will be aware, to keep your Bentley in perfect working order, regular attention is required. An MOT is not just necessary for the authorities when your car reaches three years of age, but it's a useful barometer of your vehicle's health. Passing initial MOTs should be a formality, but they do sometimes spot problems that have not been noticed by the owner.

Safety is paramount when driving, and when we MOT your car, we investigate more than 150 aspects of your vehicle, including emission systems, lamps and steering, to make sure they are working effectively to protect you and your family when you are on the road.

At Protyre, we pride ourselves on thorough, honest and reliable service at a price that represents great value. When you book a Bentley Continental, Arnage, or Bentayga MOT with us, be aware that you are receiving top quality care for your vehicle at a fraction of what your dealer will charge. The Arnage, Continental and Bentayga are all manufactured to the highest standards to ensure superlative performance, but each make and model of car has its strengths and weaknesses and we are familiar with all the issues that could affect your car. Our friendly team are happy to discuss any concerns you might have.

Protyre staff have a deep knowledge of the Bentley marque, and we only use genuine branded parts in all repairs.

With the Bentley Arnage MOT, we take special care to look at common points of failure such as tyres, lamps and electrical systems, along with the brakes, to ensure any wear and tear is dealt with efficiently, and any underlying issues addressed, to ensure your Arnage Grand Tourer is prepared to make every journey an experience of unparalleled comfort, responsiveness and control.
When we look at a Bentley Continental, Protyre mechanics look at all parts of the car, including the brakes, the tyres and the suspension. We check every inch, and also investigate every aspect of the lights and electrical circuitry to make sure your vehicle is ready to encapsulate the spirit of spontaneous luxury that you expect from it.

The Bentayga is the first SUV model from Bentley, and it was produced to be the most luxurious, powerful and exclusive SUV in the world. The Bentayga is a high tech vehicle and when we do a Bentayga MOT, we pay special attention to its circuitry. A Bentayga MOT takes special care with tyres, brakes and lights.

At Protyre Autocare, we provide thorough MOT testing to ensure your vehicle meets all safety and environmental standards. During your MOT, it's crucial to have tyres that are in good condition. Explore our range of tyre types, including premium car tyres, rft tyres, best summer tyres, and winter snow tyres. We also offer a variety of trusted premium tyre brands such as Goodyear all season tyres, Michelin tyre, Pirelli tyres, Bridgestone turanza, Conti tyres, and many more. Ensuring you have the right tyres can make a significant difference in passing your MOT and maintaining your vehicle’s safety and performance.