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Do you need to book an MOT for your Audi? Booking online through Protyre makes sense. As the UK's leading supplier and fitter of car tyres and provider of automotive services, you can trust our nationwide network to provide the care and attention your Audi needs to sail through its MOT.

Known failure issues with Audi MOT

Audi drivers appreciate the quality and attention to detail this manufacturer brings to its models; for example, the Audi A1 supermini has an MOT pass rate of 94 per cent. Known failure issues with this model are tyres (63 per cent) and number plates (18 per cent), so do the 20p test on your tyres and make sure that your number plate is visible and conforms to DVL norms.

There are known issues around the lighting on the Audi A2 and Audi A3, so check that all your bulbs are in full operation and replace any duds. Lamps and reflectors are also the number one cause of MOT failure in the well-reviewed Audi A4, with its best in class interior, so get your bulb set checked to pass first time.
If the sporty Audi A5 is your drive of choice, you will be reassured to know that this model has a high pass rate of 86 per cent. Tyre checks are essential with this model, as this is the biggest known cause of MOT failure - 43 per cent of A5 models fail on this issue. The next biggest known issue here is lights and reflectors, so give them a thorough check before you book an MOT with us online.
One of the biggest reasons for MOT failure in your Audi A6 series is suspension issues. Why not book your car in for a service with us to pick up on any of these issues before your MOT? Our thorough and straightforward MOTs are the affordable way to keep your Audi in top shape, whatever the model and whether you are out of service contract or simply want a better deal.
With a better than 80 per cent pass rate, your Audi Q7 MOT will be a breeze. Follow our handy 10-point checklist to pick up on any issues with tyres and lights, then book your low-cost MOT online with us and look forward to another year of problem-free motoring.

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