Book MOT Test Check for my Alfa Romeo

Italians are seen as the most stylish people on the planet with superb designer clothes, and Milan is capital of the fashion world for a good reason. The iconic Alfa Romeo vehicles are no exception to this innate sense of style. Their sleek lines scream luxury and have been turning heads for decades. Owning an Alfa Romeo is to become part of an exclusive club which shows you appreciate the finer qualities of life. That's why it's important to take great care of this beautiful asset.

Probably the most iconic Alfa Romeo is the Spider, with its top speed of 160mph and the ability to hit 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds. It famously featured in the 1967 hit movie, The Graduate, and it has also had cameos in other films and TV series, such as Boon and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. This is the two-seater roadster version of the Alfa Romeo GTV sports car, which Jeremy Clarkson named best sports car in 1998. The GTV has also won top awards including Car Magazine's Best Designed Car in 1995 and Autocar Magazine's 1995 Car of the Year.
For families, the Alfa Romeo 147 has been a popular choice for its sleek style, which helped it to win European Car of the Year in 2001. It was replaced by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in 2010, with Hollywood actress Uma Thurman starring in that model's advertising campaign.

The small, but perfectly formed, Mito has been designed to stand out from the crowd. This is an urban car with a big personality and that all-important Alfa Romeo look ,with its honeycomb grille and alluring curves.

It's no wonder that owners feel proud to own such beautiful cars, and are keen to make sure their investment continues to look good for many years to come. Regular oil, water and tyre checks are essential, as well as servicing each year or every 40,000 miles. If your car is no longer covered by the service/MOT plan from the main dealer, you might want to shop around for a better deal. You may want to save money on expensive labour and service charges, so you have more cash for buying Alfa Romeo accessories or other parts for your car. If you want to book a Spider, GTV, 147, Giulietta or Mito MOT inspection, you can be assured it is in good hands at Protyre.