All you need to know about MOT Tests

All cars need an annual MOT test carried out from the time they reach their third birthday. The test ensures that the vehicle is safe and meets environmental standards. Once you have an MOT, it is valid for a year until the next one. Tests need to be carried out at an approved test centre. You can have your test carried out up to a month before your old certificate expires. If your MOT has run out, you can’t drive the vehicle other than to an appointment with an MOT testing garage to have the test done.
Fees for MOT tests depend on the type of vehicle. For a car, the maximum fee is £54.85 and for a motorcycle £29.65. Goods vehicles and minibuses have higher fees.

What’s covered by the test?

The MOT test covers major safety items including brakes, steering and suspension, plus tyres and road wheels. It also looks at electrical equipment including lights and horn as well as the vehicle’s wiring. Seat belts are tested too and items including registration plates, speedometer and VIN number are checked.

The test also ensures that the driver has a good view of the road. This means mirrors must be secure and there must be no major damage in the area of the windscreen swept by the wipers. Finally, the exhaust and fuel systems are checked for leaks and the vehicle’s emissions are tested to ensure they fall within legal limits.

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Test results

If your vehicle passes the MOT test you will receive a certificate and the result will be recorded on the MOT database so that roadside checks will show it as being tested. Your vehicle may pass the test with ‘advisories’. These are minor problems that need to be fixed or monitored, although they don’t affect the overall roadworthiness of the vehicle.
Your car will fail the test if there are ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’ problems. If the old MOT has expired, you are not allowed to drive the car until these issues have been fixed. You can have the car retested either for free or at a reduced fee once the problems have been attended to.
If you leave the car at the test centre to be fixed and it’s retested within 10 days the test is free. If you take the car away to be repaired and take it back for a retest within 10 days, you’ll pay a reduced fee.
If your car has failed because of defective tyres, your Protyre garage can offer a range of replacements from brands including Sumitomo and Bridgestone. Protyre also stock tyres from a wide range of other reputable manufacturers, providing tyre solutions to suit any customer requirement. Use our quick and easy tyre finder below to search through our extensive range. Simply enter you vehicle reg or a sepcific tyre size:

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Classic cars

Cars first registered before 1960 have been exempt from MOT testing for some time. As of 2018, this exemption has been brought into line with the road tax exemption for classic cars on a rolling 40 year basis. It’s still your responsibility to keep the car safe and many owners choose to put the car through an MOT for reassurance.
Whatever the age of your vehicle, the qualified fitters at your local Protyre garage will be happy to take care of all your MOT testing needs.

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