Hybrid Car Service at Protyre

As the cost of car ownership continues to rise, more motorists are choosing plug-in hybrids. With well over half a million hybrids on European roads, ownership has soared. Yet while hybrid vehicles are impressively economical to run, they still need to be maintained.

If you've recently bought yours, it's time to book a hybrid car service.

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At selected Protyre Autocentres, we offer three levels of hybrid car servicing: Bronze, Silver and Gold. As well as carrying the latest equipment, our Autocentres offer a hybrid service to all makes and models.

Expert technicians at Protyre know how to quickly and efficiently diagnose problems. We also have electric charging stations at our hybrid centres – so you'll always leave us with more miles. Get in touch with your local Protyre garage and keep reading to learn more.

What's included in a hybrid service?

Most of the mechanical aspects of a petrol or diesel car service stay the same for hybrid vehicles. However, there are a few extra checks required as part of a comprehensive hybrid car servicing, which we've displayed in the table below:

Hybrid ChecksGoldSilverBronze
Connect diagnostic for hybrid health check (report live data)
Check condition of charging point and charging cable
Visually check high voltage cables and connectors for damage
Report if inverter coolant is due
Rotate road wheels to check for brake binding

Our three levels of hybrid service are designed to meet the needs of all hybrid vehicles, whatever their condition. Gold is our most comprehensive service offering, while Bronze makes a great choice for an interim check. Silver is our intermediate service level, perfect for peace-of-mind motoring.

Silver Service
From £164
Gold Service
from £224
Bronze Service
From £144

Not sure which service you require? 

No problem, Protyre can help. Simply reach out to your local Protyre garage and they will help you in finding out.

Book Hybrid Car Servicing

Yes. At Protyre, we're committed to safe working with electric and hybrid vehicles.

The presence of high-voltage systems in hybrid vehicles presents unique risks to our mechanics, so we implement further safety precautions. Our technicians undertake rigorous training, which includes IMI accreditation, to ensure they can correctly and safely service hybrids to the same standards as a main dealer.

As discussed above, we're pleased to offer you a fantastic hybrid car servicing cost that starts at just £144. We can also offer a vehicle MOT for only £20 when you book an MOT and service together. Just select to add an MOT at checkout and we'll do the rest!

Most hybrid cars should be serviced just as frequently as a regular car. For the most up-to-date details relating to your vehicle's requirements, we recommend checking your owner's manual. However, our team is always on-hand at your local Protyre garage to answer any questions you might have.

Currently, we can only offer hybrid car servicing in a small number of Protyre Autocentres. However, this is something we're always working on. To find out if you can book a hybrid car service with Protyre, get in touch with our team. Call us on 0330 818 5201 to get started.