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As the cost of car ownership continues to rise, motorists are increasingly choosing plug-in hybrids as their vehicle of choice. Hybrid car ownership has soared in recent years, with over half a million currently on European roads.

While hybrid vehicles can be cheap to run, they can be costly to maintain. At our Protyre Autocentres we offer Bronze, Silver and gold hybrid servicing for all hybrid makes and models. Our autocentres carry the latest equipment too, allowing our expert technicians to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

We also have electrical charging stations situated at our Hybrid centres for your convenience when visiting us.

What's included as part of a hybrid service?

Most of the mechanical aspects of car servicing remain the same for hybrid vehicles. However, there are a few additional checks that are required as part of comprehensive hybrid car servicing, as displayed in the table below:

Hybrid ChecksGoldSilverBronze
Connect diagnostic for hybrid health check (report live data)
Check condition of charging point and charging cable
Visually check high voltage cables and connectors for damage
Report if inverter coolant is due
Rotate road wheels to check for brake binding

Our three levels of hybrid service are designed to meet the needs of all hybrid vehicles, whatever their condition.

Gold Service (Full) from £224

Our Gold servicing level is our most comprehensive servicing option. This option includes all the benefits of the Bronze and Silver services and more. We recommend you book a full car service once every year.

Ideal for...
A full comprehensive check covering all of your vehicle servicing.
Those who have a newly purchased vehicle, not serviced in a while.

What's included?

59-point check with parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles*.

Includes all Bronze & Silver options plus:

  • Engine inspection, oil and filter change

  • Air Filter Replacement

  • Pollen Filter Check

  • Fuel filter and system check

  • And much more - see FAQs for details.

Silver Service (Intermediate) from £164

Our Silver servicing level is recommended to maintain your vehicle efficiency for a longer duration of time and to help reduce the risk of breakdowns. The Silver servicing level includes all the basics of the bronze level but also includes; inspecting the electrical components of the vehicle, including the alternator, battery terminals, brake pads, timing belt and much more.

Ideal for...
Those looking for trouble-free motoring and a comprehensive service for peace of mind motoring.

What's Included?

48-point check with parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles*.

Includes all Bronze options plus:

  • Check of fan / alternator and auxiliary belts

  • Inspection of lights and battery

  • Inspection of driveshaft, joints, gaiters and boots

  • Inspection of wheel bearings and suspension

  • And much more - see FAQs for details.

Bronze Service (Check Up) from £144

Our Bronze servicing level is ideal for those who regularly use their vehicle for travelling in the city or for drivers that incur high mileage in a short time frame, and need peace of mind between annual services. This service includes an oil and filter change, inspection and topping up of anti-freeze, the checking of the battery and much more.

Ideal for...
Peace of mind between annual services for those with high annual mileage.

What's Included?

27-point check with parts guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles*.


  • Engine inspection, oil and filter change

  • Anti-freeze top-up

  • Steering check

  • Exhaust system check

  • And much more - see FAQs for details.

Not sure which service you require? 

No problem, Protyre can help. Simply fill out the form below and once submitted, one of our friendly, knowledgeable garage staff will be in touch to book you in for your appointment.

Are our technicians trained to work on hybrid vehicles?

Yes. Further safety precautions must be taken when working with high voltage systems found in hybrid vehicles. That's why our technicians go through rigorous training which includes IMI accreditation to ensure they can correctly and safely service hybrids to the same standards as a main dealer.

How much does it cost?

Our Hybrid Services start at £144. We can also offer a vehicle MOT for only £20.00 when booked with any hybrid service. Just select to add an MOT at checkout.  

How often should I service my hybrid vehicle?

In the majority of cases, hybrid cars should be serviced at the same intervals as you would a regular car. We recommend checking your owner's manual for more accurate details relating to your vehicle.

Hybrid Car Servicing Near Me?

We currently offer hybrid car servicing in a small number of Protyre Autocentres, this is something that is growing all the time.

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