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Stay safe on the road and in our garage. It is vital to keep your vehicle roadworthy and we are open and here to help. If you are unable to come to us, our mobile services can come to you. Our garage is COVID-19 secure and our strict protocols ensure your safety when you visit our garage. Read our Covid-19 Protocols here.


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Opening Times

  • Monday:08:00 - 17:30
  • Tuesday:08:00 - 17:30
  • Wednesday:08:00 - 17:30
  • Thursday:08:00 - 17:30
  • Friday:08:00 - 17:30
  • Saturday:08:30 - 16:00
  • Sunday:Closed

** Opening hours may vary due to public holidays and some of our garages are closed. **

Services available at Southampton Southern Road W R

  • Car MOTBUY
  • Car ServicingBUY
  • DiagnosticsBUY
  • Make enquiry with garage
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Car Mobile Fitting Service
  • Car MOT
  • Car Servicing
  • Diagnostics
  • Exhausts
  • Nitrogen
  • Tyre Delivery
  • Wheel Alignment

Centre Facilities

  • Toilets
  • TV
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Waiting Area
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Snack Vending Machine
  • Foxy Choice Approved
  • Michelin Certified Centre
  • About

    The Tyreland Southampton garage was originally opened in 2006. The centre boasts over 8,000 tyres in stock at the city industrial estate Southampton, joining the Protyre network in 2011 giving it access to even greater stocks at more competitive prices. The auto garage specialises in providing tyres and includes a warehouse which provides tyres to many garages in and around Southampton. Andrew and his team are pleased to welcome members of the public and will fit tyres to carsvans and 4x4s at some of the best prices around. With some of the largest tyre stocks around the Southampton centre fits tyres from all the leading brands including PirelliHankookFalkenRunwayBridgestone and Continental tyres. The car garage has a state of the art Laser Wheel Alignment system and will be happy to fill your new tyres with Nitrogen. Southampton Tyreland team Protyre will shorlty be opening an MOT testing lane and will be able to undertake servicing and mechanical repairs to compliment the fast fit services already provided of brake, battery, bulb and exhaust replacement. 

    Tyreland Southampton - Team Protyre Mechanical Services

    The following mechanical services are offered by Tyreland Southampton

    • Tyreland Southampton offers free brake checks which covers the inspection of all brake system's components. One of our expert technicians will take a look at brake pads, shoes, callipers, hoses and handbrake linkage.
    • Tyreland Southampton auto garage offers wheel alignment service to assess the position of vehicle's wheels which can be purchased online. If you are unsure and seek a professional opinion why not book a free alignment check?                                        
    • Exhausts will be checked for any leaking joints, cracks, broken hangers, corrosion or other damage.
    • Batteries are checked for their corrosion on the terminals, voltage output and the charging rate of the battery which indicates the condition of the battery. This service will not take more than 5 minutes to complete as Protyre technicians are equipped with the latest equipment. Book your free battery check service now at Southampton garage.
    • Suspension is unlike other tests, it is bit complex in comparison to others. It is usually tested by elevating the vehicle on a lift to inspect the suspension.
    • Services such Car Mobile fitting, Diagnostics, Nitrogen, Car MOT and servicing are also offered by Tyreland Southampton.

    Tyreland Southampton - Team Protyre, your local tyre experts

    When it comes to replacing your tyres, there are hundreds of options available and it can sometimes seem a bit daunting. The obvious way to make this easier is to opt for like-for-like replacements and buy the same tyres that came with your vehicle when you first got it. To establish what tyres you are currently using, all you need to do is take a look at the markings on the tyre sidewall. This will give you the details in-terms of size and the manufacturer’s name should also be visible. The tyre size code will look something like this: 235/55 R17 99W
    This code gives the following information.
    The first 3 digit number gives the width of the tyre in millimetres (in this case 235). The second number (55) is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of width. The R indicates radial construction. The 17 after that is the diameter of the wheel rim (inches). The next number (99) is a code that indicates the tyre’s load index i.e. the maximum weight that it can hold safely. The final letter (W) represents the maximum speed that the tyre can handle, rated from A to Y.
    When it comes to buying tyres, there are three main categories based up on quality and cost. These are premiumbudget, and mid-range. Premium tyres cost more and last longer and are made by big-names, such as; PirelliGoodyearMichelin and Bridgestone. Budget tyres cost a lot less but don’t last as long - manufacturers include Autogrip and Runway. Mid-range tyres are a happy medium between premium and budget - brands include Falken and Sumitomo. It is also important to be aware that some tyres are made for different conditions/seasons. There are numerous tyres available that are designed for use in either the winter or the summer - and there are also all-season/all-weather tyres that are designed to give a solid driving experience all year round.
    It is recommended that you replace all your tyres at the same time if possible but you should definitely have the same tyres on each axle (e.g. front two or back two). If you are wondering “where can I find tyres in Southampton near me?” then Protyre has the answer. We are a network of local garages you can trust. Our garages have teams of qualified fitters and also offer a number of free checks including free tyre checkssuspension checks, and steering checks, all with same day appointments available if its urgent.

  • Accreditations

    The team at Protyre Southampton are proud to be members of a number of different schemes and the centre holds several accreditations to their name.

    As a Michelin Certified Centre, Protyre Southampton have achieved high standards across levels of customer service, their workshop and equipment and their organisation and management processes, signifying a high level of service and quality will be provided everytime.

    Protyre Southampton are also part of the FOXY Lady approved network of garages. The centre has been identified as a female friendly garage, meaning they don’t overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need.

    The centre is also proud to be a GT Radial Performance Centre, focusing on the supply and fitting of quality GT Radial tyres. Protyre Southampton aim to improve the customer experience and tyre buying process through focusing on quality, exclusivity and product guarantees and providing that added extra value that is sought after by most drivers.  

  • Areas Served
    Protyre Southampton offer a number of car tyres, van tyres, 4x4 tyres, high performance tyres, MOT's and vehicle servicing throughout old Netley, Midanbury, North Stoneham, Maybush and the surrounding areas. Same day tyre fitting is available on a number of leading tyre brands including Pirelli, Michelin and Falken alongside other premium, mid-range and budget tyres.

    Not looking for tyres? Other services offered include exhausts, batteries, brakes, suspension and wheel alignment. Buy and book online or visit our centre today.

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