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  • About

    Christchurch Tyres joined the Protyre network in 2019 as a friendly business supplying car and van tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries, suspensions and diagnostics testing for fault management. Alongside this, it offers mechanical repairs as well as supplying and fitting tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s from all leading manufacturers, including Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Sumitomo, and Continental. Whether you need tyre repair, replacement or wheel alignment near you, Christchurch Tyres will be pleased to provide advice on the best tyres to meet your driving requirements. Browse all our Protyre facilities online or visit the Christchurch Tyres garage in person and take advantage of our same-day tyre-fitting appointments.

    Tyres in Christchurch Wilverley Road

    When it comes to selecting the perfect wheels for your motor, you will no doubt base your choice of tyres on your needs as well as your budget. The products available at our Christchurch Wilverley Road tyre garage are designed to cope with different seasonal conditions. Some are specifically engineered to work best in the winter, with tread patterns that provide more grip on icy roads. Others are made for all seasons, giving a reliable year-round performance without excelling in any one area.

    We stock an array of tyres from some of the biggest brands around, with options for all price bands.

    Budget-friendly tyres:

    • Falken – our selection of Falken products offer options applicable for both summer and winter weather conditions, as well as run-flat tyres and others designed for vehicles carrying extra loads. You’ll have plenty of trustworthy tyres from which to choose when opting for our Falken collection.
    • Sumitomo – a brand renowned for unbeatable quality across all products, our range of Sumitomo tyres is ready to withstand the elements. Whether you need summer or winter tyres, it has you covered. As well as weather-tailored products, Sumitomo also caters to vehicles carrying extra loads.

    Mid-to-high-range tyres:
    • Pirelli – specialising in traction treads and stability, our range of Pirelli tyres offers seasonal tyres suited to summer and winter weather, including run-flat options and extra load tyres. If you’re someone who needs speed-proof wheels, look no further than our range of Pirelli tyres at our Christchurch Wilverley Road garage
    • Bridgestone – paving the way with pioneering tyre technology for over 90 years, our Bridgestone range caters to all vehicle types, with tyres specifically adapted to seasonal weather conditions as well as run-flat and extra-load tyres.

    At our Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage, our experienced professionals are always on hand to fit replacement tyres. If you require urgent help with your vehicle, we offer same-day tyre fitting near you. As proud stockists of products from leading manufacturers, our team at Christchurch Tyres garage can answer any tyre-related question that you may have.

    Why not take advantage of our free tyre check today? Book an appointment online or give us a call and one of our friendly experts will get you pencilled in.

    Other Services in Christchurch Wilverley Road

    The following mechanical services are offered by Christchurch Tyres:

    • Batteries are inspected for corrosion, voltage output and charging rate to get a sense of their overall condition. If you’re in a hurry, don’t be concerned – this service takes no more than five minutes to complete! Book your free battery check service now at Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage,and leave the rest to our expert team members.
    • For your peace of mind, Christchurch Tyres offers free brake checks where one of our expert mechanics will carefully assess your vehicle’s brake pads, shoes, callipers, hoses and handbrake linkage.
    • Exhausts checks can also be carried out at our garage. During this, we can check for issues such as leaking joints, cracks, broken hangers or other damage that could cause an issue to your motor.
    • If you’re in search of wheel alignment near you, Christchurch Tyres also offers a comprehensive service to assess the position of the vehicle's wheels. Simply book a free alignment check online at a time that suits you and our friendly team will get to work on investigating the current placement of your tyres.
    • Suspension is unlike other tests and can be complex in comparison. It is usually tested by elevating the vehicle on a lift to inspect the suspension. If this is something about which you’re concerned and would like testing, Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage can help you.


    1. When to change car tyres?

    As a rule of thumb, you should aim to replace your tyres every 12,000 miles or when the tread falls between 3mm and 2mm. The minimum legal tyre tread is 1.6mm deep – so anything falling below this number is edging dangerously close to the UK legal limit! Regular tyre checks are the best way to keep informed on their overall condition.

    2. What tyres does my car need?

    No two vehicles will have the same tyres – the type that you require will fundamentally depend on the make and model of your car. If you’re unsure about which option to select, check out our online search tool to discover which tyres are suitable for your vehicle. All you need to get started is your vehicle registration plate and your postcode.

    3. What is wheel alignment?

    Wheel alignment quite simply means the positioning of your vehicle's tyres. If something feels odd or unbalanced when it comes to steering, this could be a sign that your alignment is off. If you’re looking for wheel alignment services near you, our free alignment check allows our automotive experts to measure the placement of each wheel against the others, ensuring that your tyres are in the optimum position.

    4. Is wheel alignment important?

    Ensuring that your wheels are correctly aligned is imperative to the safety of you and any fellow passengers or road users. Misaligned tyres can cause a significant lack of control in steering and turning, which can be incredibly dangerous when driving. If you’re concerned about your wheel positioning, book in for one of our free alignment appointments and we’ll take a look!

    At our Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage, we offer two types of wheel alignment:
    • Front-wheel alignments focus on the front wheels and look at caster and toe. These are typically quick to perform and enough to solve most issues, given that the front wheels are most likely to become misaligned.
    • Four-wheel alignments focus on the front and rear wheels as well as looking at their camber. These are more in-depth fixes and are typically not recommended since most issues are usually solved by a front-wheel alignment.

    5. How much is a vehicle diagnostic?

    If you wish to book in your car for a diagnostic test, you can do so by simply adding our Diagnostic Plug-in & Report option to your basket online. Our diagnostic tests are applicable for all vehicles and cost £50 including VAT. Hop on to our website and book your appointment today!

    Why choose Protyre for your tyre needs? 

    With over 45,000 reviews and an Excellent rating on TrustPilot, our testimonials speak for themselves about the quality of service that you can expect from Protyre. As one of the largest independent retailers for UK tyres, we have over 160 garages across the country and fit approximately two million tyres each year!

    Each of our car technicians is fully qualified to excel at any automotive requirement – so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in trusted hands. Whatever you need, our team of experts at Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage have got you covered.
  • Accreditations
    Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road is part of the FOXY Lady-approved network of garages. If you need a female-friendly tyre shop near you, you can be sure that we are serious about providing a service free of condescension and won’t ever sell women anything they don’t need.
  • Areas Served
    Christchurch Tyres Wilverley Road garage offers tyre repair, replacement and wheel alignment services near you – well connected for areas including Burton, Bransgore, Bournemouth, Burley, Milford-on-Sea, Sway, Winkton, Highcliffe, Hinton Admiral, Walkford and more.

    Whether you need tyres for a car, van or 4x4, we have choices that cater to all. For quick tyre fitting near you, our same-day service is available for you to take advantage whenever you require it.

    For all other services, visit our centre today or simply book an appointment online at your earliest convenience.

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