Free Tyre Check

Free Tyre Check

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Book a free Tyre Check at anyone of our centres. Our expert technicians will check and inspect for tread depth, pressure, wear and damage to ensure your tyres are safe and legal. If the tyre inspection shows up any problems, we will offer advice on what can be done to correct the issue.


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Take advantage of our free tyre check and help your tyres last longer

Quality tyres can be costly, so most motorists want to extend the life of their valuable tyres for as long as possible and extract maximum value from them. There are a few simple steps that vehicle owners can take to make their tyres are fitted correctly and wearing evenly. Maintenance and regular checks are a large part of this, and at Protyre we realise that most drivers lead increasingly busy lives, so we offer a free tyre check to help you know if your tyres are on track.

Tyres wearing badly will cost you money by needing to be replaced or using too much fuel, and they are also important for safety and that should never be compromised. It is always better to identify any issues as early as possible and make sure these are addressed.

Get your tyres checked sooner rather than later

Tyres need a certain depth of tread for the vehicle to pass its annual MOT. There is no need to wait until the MOT is due to find out whether your tyres will pass, as our mechanics can tell you and recommend a solution. Excessive or uneven tread wear on tyres can lead to safety issues, as bald patches could contribute to skidding and may even blow out when you need them most.

Rotating the tyres is a good habit to adopt, as front tyres and rear tyres are affected by different levels of stress. Even the stress placed on the two front tyres can differ as turning patterns will affect wear - right-hand turns generally take a bigger toll on tyres than turning left. Tyres can also have directional treads which mean they must occupy certain positions on the chassis. An expert eye can assess how best to move tyres around to assist with even wear. And rotating tyres is a lot of work for people who don't have access to professional equipment.

Tyre pressure is another vital factor to monitor. Low pressure can mean that the car uses more fuel than it should, and it contributes to the tyres wearing more rapidly than they should. The gauges found at many garages are not very accurate, so for accurate monitoring motorists need their own pressure gauge. The manufacturer generally specifies what the pressure should be, and this can vary in different driving conditions. An expert view always helps and can make sure daily driving is done at the tyre pressure that delivers the best results for fuel consumption, safety and road handling.

Why book with Protyre?

If you have queries about tyres, call our friendly staff and book a free assessment. Your car will be in good hands, backed by our famous Protyre service. Protyre has a large network of more than 160 garages around the country, so it is easy and convenient to make an appointment and let our highly qualified and friendly mechanics take a look at your tyres. As tyre experts, we will not only know tyres but stock a huge range and frequently offer great deals on popular brands and models. We are also Foxy Lady Approved, which means we are a female-friendly business that will not take advantage of anyone's lack of knowledge in the automotive engineering department.

Why Protyre?

We are the local garage you can trust with hundreds of garages located around the UK. Our tyre professionals are the best in the business, helping you address any issues with your car. All our services are excellent value for money and are carried out by highly qualified mechanics. We also stock a wide range of tyres from all leading brands including Pirelli, Sumitomo, Falken and Bridgestone and our experts can help you choose the perfect tyre for your car.

Our tyre check service is completely free so why not call us today or call into one of our garages to talk to our friendly team.

Looking for tyres?

Get the best performance and safety for your vehicle with our free tyre check. We offer a variety of options, including premium tyre brands, runflat tyres, and tyres specifically for summer and winter. You can choose from top brands like Goodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Falken, Goodyear, Hankook, Michelin, Pirelli, Runway, Sumitomo, and Toyo. We also have durable radial tyres. Come visit us today and find the perfect tyres for your car!