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Functioning brakes are essential to safe driving. If you frequently rack up the mileage on motorways or spend your days driving around busy city centres, you might need servicing and brake repairs more often than you think.

At Protyre, we’re experts when it comes to fixing brake pads and discs. Whether you need your brake fluid changing or your entire worn brake disc replacing, we’re here to help. Book your free brake check today to find out if you need repairs.

Do I need to have my brakes checked?

Brake pads and discs will undoubtedly need to be checked periodically. Your annual service will usually suffice, but there are some tell-tale signs to look out for. Signs of damaged or worn brake pads and discs include:

Grinding – A loud grinding noise can be a symptom of worn brake discs due to the pad wearing down to the calliper.

Squeaking – Squeaking sounds from your brakes could indicate that you need new car brake pads fitted.

Pulsating – A pulsating sensation when you hit the brake pedal could mean your brake pads have become warped.

Pulling – If your car pulls in one direction or the other when you brake, you may need a brake repair.

Sponginess – A spongy sensation when you hit the brake pedal is usually a sign that air has got into your brake fluid lines.

Soft brake pedal – A limp, soft brake pedal is a serious concern, and you should have this addressed immediately.

Dashboard light – A brake warning light on your dashboard indicates that it is time to replace your car brake fluids.

If you notice any of these problems with your car brakes, get in touch with your local Protyre team as soon as possible to book a brake repair. Faulty brakes can be deadly and your safety on the road is paramount.

Do I need new brake pads?

Brake pad replacement could be necessary if your brakes are entirely worn away or beyond repair. Depending on the condition of your current brake pads, Protyre’s team of dedicated and friendly mechanics can advise you on whether changing your brake pads is necessary.

In many instances, a brake check might determine that the problem could be solved by replacing the brake fluid.

Brake services at Protyre

At Protyre, we want you to be safe on the road. To ensure this, not only do your tyres need checking, but so do your brakes. Braking systems can be very complex, with many of the components hidden from immediate view.

That's why we have created our 8-point brake check to make sure the whole system is running as it should be. We inspect:

1. Disc pad wear
2. Callipers for leaks and security
3. Brake discs and drums for wear
4. Cracks, corrosion and any other damage
5. The brake hydraulic system
6. Brake shoes for wear or damage
7. Levels of brake fluid
8. Any brake warning lights

If you drive regularly, exceeding 10,000 miles a year, it is advisable to get your brakes checked every six months.

When to replace your brakes?

How often you replace your car brake pads, discs and fluids will entirely depend on your usage and driving style.

Typically, front brakes will wear out quicker than rear brakes. This is due to the heavy burden of the braking load that they handle – especially in front-wheel-drive cars.

As a general rule, it is recommended that front and rear brake pads should be replaced when they reach a thickness of 3mm. Worn brake discs should be assessed against the manufacturer’s specifications. If they are below this measurement, they must be replaced.

Easing in new car brakes

The cost of replacing brake pads and discs is not one you’ll want to pay out for regularly. That is why it is important to ease in your new brake pads and discs after they’ve been installed.

For the first 200 miles or so, it is important to drive carefully to allow your new brakes to bed in. Heaving and excessive braking can result in damage and loss of brake performance.

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Brakes will need replacing at different times, depending on their use. Typically, a car that is mostly driven on a motorway will need its brakes changed every 60,000 miles or so.

For cars used daily in busy towns and cities, the brakes may need to be changed at around the 25,000-mile mark.

Brake pad replacement costs vary from car to car and depend on the brake pad chosen. Manufacturer car brake pads are usually more expensive than other branded brake pads.

When choosing new brake pads, it is important to select quality over budget-friendly options.

The cost of a brake fluid change is relatively inexpensive. As part of your regular car fluid checks, you should be checking your brake system and replacing this as frequently as needed.

If your brakes are faulty, you should stop driving immediately. Faulty brake pads, discs and lines can cause serious car accidents and even result in death. As soon as faulty brakes are bought to your attention, you should get in touch with us at Protyre to get your car back in good driving condition.

Yes, if your brakes are faulty and not repaired, your car will fail its MOT and be deemed unroadworthy. Without an MOT, you could be liable for a £1,000 fine, which is likely more expensive than your brake pad replacement cost.

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