Brake Services

At Protyre we want you to be safe and part of ensuring this, not only do your tyres need checking, but so do your brakes.

Braking systems can be very complex, with a lot of the system hidden from immediate view.

That's why we have created our 8 point Brake check to make sure the whole system is running as it should be. We inspect:

  1. Disc Pad Wear
  2. The Calipers for leaks and security
  3. Brake discs and drums for wear,
  4. Cracks, corrosion and any other damage
  5. Inspect the break hydraulic system
  6. Check brake shoes  for wear or damage
  7. Check you have sufficient brake fluid
  8. Inspect any brake warning lights

Protyre centres that offer a brake service have trained technicians and all the relevant equipment to check and fix any problems with your brake systems. If you have any concerns over the functionality of your brakes, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free brake check, better to be safe...!

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