For years the automotive industry has been a primarily male orinentated work place, but times are changing! We want to see more women in the motor industry.

More women at Board level, female engineers (after all it’s the girls who are getting such impressive STEM qualifications), women running their own garages/bodyshops and definitely more women selling cars in showrooms. 

To encourage more women to consider careers in the motor industry, FOXY Lady Drivers Club puts the spotlight on different jobs that women hold in the hope to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. So go for it girls; every new female recruit (assuming talent, determination and a hard work ethic of course…) is a step in the right direction for this industry.

The Club also recognises the special achievements of individuals like Jane Bailey of Westgate Tyres, the FOXY Lady Drivers Club' Woman Of The Year 2017, pictured below: 

Jane met her husband Graham and opened their own tyre business, Westgate Tyres, in 1997. After a tough few years balancing the roles of mother, wife and business partner life sadly took a turn for the worst and Jane was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

“Trying to recover and keep the business running was extremely difficult, but cancer hadn’t beaten me. Within a couple of weeks, I was doing the book-keeping from my bed and visiting the business in a wheelchair"

With unwavering determination and the collective support of friends, family and customers alike, Jane continues to feed her passion for cars. She attends regular classic car rallies with her Morris 1000 or Sunbeam Alpine. Her everyday car is a sporty open-top 150 Mini.