Frequently Asked Questions


The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) below are designed to help provide a better understanding of our product ranges. They provide clear answers & basic information, sometimes about fairly complex topics, and will link to more detailed information if required.


Are all the advertised products in stock?

We are proud to have stock available for same day fitting – you will see an icon next to your tyre selections. We hold stocks at each centre for the most common sizes and at larger centres we will also hold stock for high performance vehicles.

  1. If you see the 'Same Day Fitting' icon you can be sure it is available for fitting on the same day as order for your selected centre.
  2. The 'Next Working Day' icon means that the tyres you need are in our local warehouse and will be delivered ready for you within 1 business day for your selected centre.
  3. The '48 Hour' icon means that the tyres are available in one of our main warehouses and will be delivered ready for fitting within 48 business hours for your selected centre.
  4. The '72 Hour' icon means that the tyres are available in one of our main warehouses and will be delivered ready for fitting within 72 hours for your selected centre.
  5. Items that are shown as out of stock may be available from manufacturers and can often be ordered or an alternative provided.


How Do I check the Tyre Size?

You will find details of the tyre sizes in your vehicles owner handbook. Alternatively you can look at the side of your current tyres and get the size from there. Be careful to check the front and the back tyres. Tyre sizes will normally follow the pattern 235/45R17 94W.


If you have a doubt about the size of the tyres that you need visit in to one of our centres or call us and we will be please to advise.


What happens if my preferred tyre brand is not shown?

We hold stocks of most of the well known tyre brands, however on the rare occasions when your tyre brand is not shown please contact your local centre and we will be pleased to help find your preferred tyre.


Which Tyre is Right for Me?

There are a number of factors which will help you to decide which tyre is right for you. We have included a number of ways to search for your tyres:

1. Premium, Quality or Economy: 

Premium tyres last longer and offer the best performance so you benefit from better handling and greater traction on the road. Quality tyres are made from a mid-grade compound to provide a durable and cost effective solution. Economy tyres is ideal for those working to a budget, they're mould mass produced and provide an acceptable level of tyre traction and compound standards.

2. Brand

You can select from the following brands: Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Enduro, Falken, General, Goodyear, GT Radial, Kumho, Michelin, Ovation, Pirelli,Toyo

3. Season

You can specify if you're looking for a Summer, Winter or All/ No Season Tyre

4. Features

You can specify if you have a specific requirement such as Run Flat, Heavy/ Extra load tyres.

5. Tyre Label

If you looking for better wet grip, better fuel efficiency or quiter road noise then you can filter your results using the Tyre Label options.


What will I pay?

The prices shown are inclusive of all elements of your tyre change including valve, balance and disposal of the old tyres, of course the price includes VAT.