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Electric cars have finally come of age. The best offer virtually all the functionality and practicality of traditional petrol or diesel cars, while creating zero exhaust emissions and the potential for very low day-to-day running costs.

With state of the art technology we are now able to offer the servicing of full electric vehicles at our specialist Electric and Hybrid Autocentres. We also have electrical charging stations situated at our specialist Electric and Hybrid autocentres for your convenience when visiting us.

What's included as part of an electric service?

Most of the mechanical aspects of car servicing remain the same for electric vehicles. However, there are a few additional checks that are required as part of comprehensive hybrid car servicing, as displayed in the table below:

Electric Checks completed as part of service:
Connect diagnostic for hybrid health check (report live data)
Check condition of charging point and charging cable
Visually check high voltage cables and connectors for damage
Report if inverter coolant is due
Rotate road wheels to check for brake binding

Are our technicians trained to work on Electric vehicles?

Yes. Further safety precautions must be taken when working with high voltage systems found in hybrid vehicles. That's why our technicians go through rigorous training which includes IMI accreditation to ensure they can correctly and safely service hybrids to the same standards as a main dealer.

How much does it cost?

Our Electric vehicle servicing is £118.80. We can also offer a vehicle MOT for only £20.00 when booked with an electric service. Just select to add an MOT at checkout.  

How often should I service my electric vehicle?

In the majority of cases, electric cars should be serviced at the same intervals as you would a regular car. We recommend checking your owner's manual for more accurate details relating to your vehicle.

Electric Car Servicing Near Me?

We currently offer electric car servicing in a small number of Protyre Autocentre, this is something that is growing all the time.

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