Why do Motorcycle Tyres lose Air Pressure?

By Julia Freeman

As with all motor vehicles, tyres are an extremely important element to a motorcycle, as they are the only connection between you and the road. This means it’s essential that your tyres are kept in good condition for your safety and to keep your machine performing to its full potential.   Yet when it comes to low tyre pressures, years of experience tell us that it’s not always obvious when it occurs. Unlike some cars, this is usually because most motorcycles are not sold with a tyre pressure light as standard; it is an optional extra. Still, ensuring that tyre pressures are correct is extremely important at all times as there are several reasons why motorcycle tyres lose air pressure.


Change in Temperature

The most common reason is due to temperature changes, especially when summer turns to winter or when setting off in early morning. In colder weather, tyres lose about one PSI for every 10 degree drop in temperature. This may not seem very much but when summer turns to winter, it can make a huge difference and may result in the pressure being too low. In warmer temperatures the tyre expands slightly, which is normal, yet if the motorcycle sits in the summer heat during the hottest part of the day, the pressure inside the tyre will expand it further and a possible rupture could occur.

Faulty Valves

Faulty valves can also be a reason for motorcycle tyres to lose pressure, although this isn’t as common as the change of temperature. If you find a faulty valve is affecting the air pressure of your tyres, it’s typically due to the valve being incorrectly joined to the tube canal, or the pin inside it is damaged, thus causing the air to continuously escape. This is why it’s so important to always keep a dust cap on the valve.

Types of Tyres

Another reason that motorcycle tyres lose air pressure is down to the two types of tyres that they are fitted with. Tubed tyres are usually fitted on off-road machines, such as motocross motorcycles with specialised spokes in their wheels. Tubeless tyres are used for road motorcycles, which means the tyre itself is making an air seal. The tyre is suctioned to the rim of the wheel and if the rim is bent, for example, by riding over a pothole, the tyre isn’t able to maintain an air seal properly.

Talk to the Professionals

It’s always best to check your tyre pressures regularly. If your encounter a puncture or hit an obstacle whilst riding and it causes damage, your tyres can become unstable and unsafe. If you’re unsure what to look for when checking your motorcycle tyres, our tyre professionals at Protyre are here to help.
Dealing with tyres from well-known brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken and more, our qualified fitters have a wealth of experience when it comes to tyre health and safety. With 100 + garages, Protyre are on hand to advise and help you with your tyre needs. Book a free motorcycle tyre check online or contact the experts for further assistance.

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