When should I change my Motorcycle Spark Plugs?

By Julia Freeman

Amongst other common questions asked by relatively new motorcyclists is how often spark plugs should be changed. Here, we address this question, along with some other common queries people may have about motorcycle maintenance.   It is good practice to check a range of functions on your bike before setting off, such as tyres and indicators. Spark plugs don't tend to fall into this category, but this doesn't mean that they should be forgotten about. As with most parts of a motorcycle, they will need to be replaced at some point.

Motorcycle engine

Replacing Spark Plugs

Under normal usage conditions on a modern motorcycle, our years of experience tell us that spark plugs will need to be replaced at around 15,000 miles. That said, if your bike seems to be running roughly, loses power unexpectedly or the engine is sputtering, these are signs that the spark plugs may be failing. If any or all of these issues occur, it is advisable to have your spark plugs inspected and possibly replaced.

As with almost any aspect of motorcycling, these issues will vary between makes and models of motorbike, as well as how hard the bike is being ridden. Spark plugs should be inspected as part of routine motorcycle servicing, but also check your owner’s manual if you are unsure.

How often should my Tyres be changed?

This sort of question comes up a lot, but unfortunately there is no short answer. Of course, it is good practice to take a look at the condition of the tyres when you take your bike out and to make a more thorough inspection every week or so. Check on the wear and tear of the rubber, the tread depth and any possible damage. Similarly, it is important to check tyre pressures every couple of weeks.
As you might expect, a tyre will need to be replaced in the event of a puncture, or due to another issue such as an impact sustained in riding, or if the tyre has run flat due to wear and tear. If you suspect an issue with a tyre, it is important to get it checked over by a professional who can advise your next steps.

Tyre Tread Limit

If your tyre's legal tread wear limit has been reached, it will need to be replaced immediately. Your motorcycle will be unsafe and it is illegal to ride on it. In the UK, the legal minimum tread depth is 1mm; most modern tyres will have a visual indicator so you can see quickly if this is close to being reached.
Even if a tyre is undamaged and the tread looks healthy, once the tyre is more than around 5 years old, the rubber can begin to perish, causing failures which may occur unpredictably. It is important to get your tyres checked by a professional if they are reaching this age.

Book with Protyre

To arrange a free motorcycle tyre safety check, get in touch with your local Protyre garage. Our qualified and experienced fitters will ensure your tyres are safe and will recommend the best course of action if they are not. We carry a range of tyres from manufacturers such as Bridgestone and Pirelli and in addition to tyre checks, we offer servicing and MOTs.

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