What maintenance is needed for a full electric vehicle?

By Julia Freeman

Electric cars are growing in popularity, and that is no surprise. They dramatically reduce urban air pollution and being able to charge them at home is especially convenient. That said, if you are considering a fully electric vehicle there are quite a few things to consider.

Electric Vehicle

Away from your own garage there are still too few charging points so working out your range and route becomes important. When it comes to maintenance however, the news is better but there are still many things to watch out for.
Many are familiar. You still need to check the brake fluid, wiper fluid, ensure your windscreen wipers aren’t showing wear, and monitor your suspension. Regular services are still just as important for electric vehicles.

Tyre condition

Tyre condition still plays a huge part in the health of an electric vehicle, and years of experience tell us just how often this is overlooked. It is vital to ensure your tyres are undamaged and have adequate tread. Fitting high-quality tyres from the likes of Bridgestone or Pirelli can substantially extend your mileage; match them to your vehicle and driving style using our online tyre-finder. You will still have to take care of your brake pads as well, although these usually show significantly less wear on electric vehicles due to regenerative braking.

Batteries and cabling

The batteries need regular health checks. Since the battery is the most expensive component in an electric vehicle identifying potential problems early can save you a great deal of money. The electric motor also needs to be checked out on a regular basis. These are major items that need a competent garage inspection and service. The condition of all high voltage electrical cabling and contact points also need to be monitored, but this can usually be ascertained with just a careful visual inspection. Cabling is quickly damaged if the protective insulation begins to wear away.
You won’t, of course, have to worry about oil changes. Fuel filters aren’t a concern either, and nor are spark plugs. Electric cars are generally easier to maintain than their combustion engine equivalents. This is mainly because electric motors have fewer moving parts than engines so there is, quite simply, less opportunity for failure. That said, you should still get your vehicle checked and serviced at regular intervals.

The local garage you can trust

Not all garages are yet equipped to service electric cars. Special training is required to work with high voltages, so take care to find a reputable garage. Fortunately, we have qualified fitters and mechanics trained to the highest standard with all the knowledge they need to work on fully electric vehicles. Use our easy online garage finder to locate the closest Protyre garage equipped for electric vehicles, ensuring the 'Car Electric Services' box is ticked.

Years of experience tell us that regular vehicle checks are the number one way to stop small problems developing into larger ones. If you are beginning to experience difficulties with your vehicle, or simply want to have it checked over by an expert, we are here to help. We have garages across the country, so book a free vehicle check or a full in-depth service online now. Alternately, feel free to give our friendly mechanics a call to discuss your requirements in detail.

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