What happens when you delay car servicing?

By Julia Freeman

As any experienced motorist will know, it is really important to keep up with the maintenance schedule on your vehicle. Missing a service may not cause you too many issues in the short term, but this is not recommended in the longer term.


Let's take a look at what may happen to your vehicle if you miss your servicing interval.

If your car servicing is slightly overdue, say your recommended interval is 10,000 miles and you exceed this by 1,000 miles, your engine and vehicle should not experience too many ill effects due to the delay. Engineers design mechanical moving parts with recommendations for lubrications exceeding the point of failure by quite some margin. This should be the case when it comes to both the hardware and the lubricant.

If your car has missed its service entirely, here are a list of issues which may arise. As you may expect these are likely to get worse as time goes on.

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Increased risk of breakdown

In our experience, vehicles which are serviced regularly are kept working at their optimal level. This reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, as the systems have been checked thoroughly. Conversely, breakdowns become more likely if your car has not been serviced regularly.

Shortened lifespan

In addition to the increased risk of breakdowns if your vehicle is not serviced regularly, poor maintenance will lead to your car having a shortened life span. A service is a rather like a health check; if your car is not serviced regularly, it just won't last as long.

Reduced resale value

A full-service history is coveted by private buyers and the motor trade if you are looking to sell or part-exchange your vehicle. A full-service history is akin to a passport, showing that your vehicle has been maintained properly not only by the owner but through being taken to reputable garages to be looked after. Any gaps in the service history will potentially reduce the value of the vehicle.

Invalidated warranties

If your car is new, or only a few years old, it will have a clear service schedule laid out by the manufacturer. The warranty provided by the manufacturer will depend on this service schedule being followed to the letter. If you have not followed this, the manufacturer's warranty will potentially be invalidated, leaving you on the hook for any necessary repairs.

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Increased emissions and reduced fuel economy

As a service will take a good look at your engine, transmission and other key components, ensuring they are in full working order, it will result in reduced harmful emissions as well as better fuel economy. Unfortunately, the converse is also true. Not having your car serviced could well result in increased emissions to the point where you could be in danger of failing your MOT, as well as suffering reduced fuel economy, making it more expensive to drive your vehicle.

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