What happens if you don't service your car on time?

By Julia Freeman

If 2020 taught us one thing, it’s that anything can happen; with the threat of widespread closures of schools and other workplaces, and the cancellation of major sporting events around the country, many were left wondering about the upkeep of their vehicle and worried that issues could have gone unchecked for a long period of time.

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Our years of experience tell us that missing your service date by a couple of weeks or so should be fine, provided that your vehicle has an up to date MOT certificate. Of course, it is not legal to drive a car without a valid MOT, so if this has lapsed then an MOT is required before you can drive legally.

If, however, you have never actually had your car serviced, let's take a look at what your car may be missing out on by simply fixing what is needed in order to pass an MOT.

Prolongs the life of the car

Arranging a full service each year quite simply reduces the chances of your car breaking down. It also helps to keep your warranty valid if you have one and increases your chance of selling the vehicle for a good price. Remember that people look for a full service history for a car and if you don't have one, expect any offers to be lower than you may have expected or wanted.

Checks vital parts

Car servicing, when carried out each year, allows a mechanic to take a good look at the vital systems on the car, ensuring that everything is working safely and efficiently. This also allows for parts that may be worn but still functional to be replaced before they fail, potentially causing major damage and far greater expense. Checks on systems such as your brakes and suspension help to keep your car safe.

Fuel efficiency

A fully serviced car can help save money on fuel, as clean oil and air filters help the engine run more efficiently. By skipping a service, you could easily be overspending on fuel.

When your car is being serviced, it may be worth your while getting the tyres checked out. A new set of Bridgestone tyres, for example, can help you to maximise fuel efficiency savings that the work on the engine is already making. A good garage should let you know when any work is being done whether your tyres are close to the end of their lives.

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As you can see, it is basic logic that a car that has not been serviced is more likely to break down than one that has not. If you add in the expense of getting around if your car is in for major repairs following a breakdown, getting your car serviced could well work out cheaper in the long run than not.

If you're in need of a free tyre check or are interested in any of our servicing packages, please get in touch with your local Protyre garage. Our experienced mechanics can give you all the advice you need on making your car work as efficiently and safely as possible.

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