What are the essential check-ups during a car service?

By Julia Freeman

A Protyre service specifies precisely the items checked and serviced, as does an MOT, but the ones “essential” to check are the ones that are going to go wrong. Since all vehicles and all drivers are different, the things most likely to need attention differ too. However, our qualified fitters are familiar with the foibles of different cars and can advise you about the appropriate service details based on the model and age.

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The difference between an MOT and a service

An MOT definitely does not define all the “essential” items. A surprising number of drivers – particularly new ones – still don’t appreciate that an MOT is not a service, it is a test of the roadworthiness of your vehicle, which means it is a safety examination. It does not check everything that could lead to a breakdown or long-term wear. An MOT pass cannot tell you the condition of the hundreds of working parts responsible for the optimum performance of your car.

Regular servicing almost always ensures that you will also pass an MOT, but it does much more as well. It avoids the extreme inconvenience (and high cost) of a roadside breakdown, protects the financial investment you have made in your car, and reduces your long-term running costs.

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Levels of servicing

Most garages offer two or three levels of vehicle service. Not only does this help you to only pay for the service you can afford, but mainly it’s because some things need checking more often, and others less often. Ideally you should have different levels of service at different intervals. At Protyre, we offer three levels of servicing; gold, silver, and bronze.

  • The basic Bronze vehicle check concentrates on tyres, exhaust, steering, battery, lights and lubricants

  • The interim Silver service adds brake and light tests, alternator and suspension checks

  • The full Gold service additionally includes clutch, gearbox, timing checks, filter replacements (and more)

Advantages of regular servicing

In our experience, too many motorists believe they save money by only paying for examinations and repairs when they have an urgent problem. This isn’t true – well serviced components last longer and run more efficiently – saving fuel and oil. More money is saved by avoiding breakdowns and by maintaining the resale value of the vehicle.

Another under-appreciated advantage is knowledge; knowing which components are nearing the end of their life allows you to budget for their timely replacement. That also allows you to ensure you fit the best possible replacements. For example, drivers who pay no attention to their tyre tread wear put themselves at both physical and legal risk, and then hurriedly fit an under-performing or overly-costly tyre set when a problem arises at MOT or on the road. At Protyre we always offer a range of different tyres so that you can match your budget to your requirements, whether that is a high-performance Pirelli or Bridgestone or a great value Falken or Sumitomo.

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The Protyre policy is to always give customers thorough and unbiased advice with no pressure to buy non-essentials. If our customers are happy, they come back.

Our three-tier service model is flexible: you can agree the things that should be checked with the garage beforehand, making allowance for your knowledge of the car and driving intentions. To find out more, use our easy online garage finder to contact your local branch of Protyre, or book your service and MOT online today. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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