Visual Brake Calliper & Brake Pad Inspection

By Mariana Saenzpardo

The brakes on a car are the most important part of the vehicles safety which is why you need to keep them in a good working order. Inspecting your brakes regularly can help identify potential problems that can be repaired before they turn into bigger and expensive issues. Most brake inspections consist of looking at the condition of the brake pads, discs and callipers. You should always inspect your brakes at least twice a year to prevent problems.

In order to carry out a brake pad inspection you need to be able to see into the wheel. On many cars you can check the brakes without even having to remove the wheel. If your car has alloy wheels with spaces then you can inspect your brakes by looking through the spaces at the brake pads and discs.

If you don’t have a clear view of this then you may need to take the wheel off. Removing the wheel will make the visual inspection a lot easier, just ensure that you use proper safety instructions before removing the wheels.

Inspecting your brake pad:

When inspecting your brake pad you need to follow the surface of the disc to the top, you'll be able to see the outside pad touching the disc. If there is 1/8" (size of two pennies stacked) or less remaining on the brake pad then it’s time for new ones. Brake pads are relatively cheap to buy and easy to replace.

Inspecting your brake callipers:

The calliper are made up of two round metal guide pins on each brake calliper where the brake piston assembly sits. They’re responsible for guiding the proper angle for how the brake pad meets the disk brakes. When the brake callipers are damaged, the cylinder inside of the brake calliper will not be able to push the brake pads to the brake discs and the vehicle will not be able to stop so it’s best to get your car looked at regularly.

When taking your car in for an MOT and service the mechanics will check your brakes for wear and tear, however if you are ever unsure about the condition of your brakes then it’s always best to get them looked at before other serious problems arise.

Why not get the experts to have a look?

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