Vehicle Tracking Services

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, the same technology as that used in satellite navigation.

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, the same technology as that used in satellite navigation. Each vehicle is fitted with a transmitter which emits a signal. This signal can then be traced using a computer which displays the vehicles current position on a map. As well as finding out a vehicles current location, you can also use tracking to monitor the speed of a vehicle and the directions of the journey taken to get from A to B.


What does it involve?

Once a tracker is fitted to your vehicle it requires specialist software to monitor the device. This will usually be from a third party company who specialise in vehicle tracking services. The satellite can calculate the distance travelled from the information it’s received from the transmitter, which is then sent to the receiver.

There are now over twenty GPS satellites circling the planet, which means that we’re able to track vehicles globally. The whole process of tracking your vehicle is done instantly. Signals from your vehicle tracking device are also strong enough to reach the satellite should your car be closed in a garage or in an underground parking lot.


What are the benefits of vehicle tracking?

  • Vehicle tracking can be used as an anti-theft device as it helps with the recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Having a tracker can help to reduce insurance premiums due to the higher likelihood of recovering the vehicle if lost/stolen.
  • Trackers can help delivery companies plan the most effective routes for their drivers win turn helping to improve customer response times.
  • By planning the most effective routes it can help businesses reduce their fuel costs, which are often one of the largest costs for a business.
  • Being able to reduce fuel costs and time taken per journey it also reduces the amount of Co2 and your environmental impact.

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