Vehicle Maintenance - Wiper Blades

By David Sholicar

Are your windscreen wipers working efficiently?  Do they squeak every time you turn them on? These are sure signs that the wiper blades are becoming worn out.

Wiper blades

Looking after your windscreen wipers

Are your windscreen wipers working efficiently?  Do they squeak everytime you turn them on? These are sure signs that the wiper blades are becoming worn out. Wiper blades can also become damaged or torn if you use them to clear ice from the windscreen or when the car is frozen.

Wiper blades have had a busy time with the weather been so poor, and now is the time to have them checked for wear. All of our centres have wiper blades available for sale and we will be delighted to fit them for you.

Normally you would just replace the blade on a wiper, however on occasion your wiper arm may become bent or may be broken, this can happen if you continue to operate your wiper blades when they are worn out.

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As part of your regular vehicle checks you should include wiper blades or if you visit any of our centres we will include wiper blades as part of a free safety check and advise you if they are worn or in need of replacement. Wiper blades are also checked as part of your MOT or as part of a full service.

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