Vehicle Maintenance - Fluids

Regular checks of the fluid levels under the bonnet of a car can not only save money, but also prevent breakdowns.

Vehicle Maintenance - Fluids

The Importance Of Regular Fluid & Maintenance Checks

Regular checks of the fluid levels under the bonnet of a car can not only save money, but also prevent breakdowns. Many motorists do not undertake the simple regular checks of oil, water – radiator and washer bottle(s) - plus battery condition, preferring to leave this to the regular servicing intervals. However, these are now extending, in some instances to 20,000 miles, and so it is imperative to check fluid levels regularly, at least once a month.


Oil is the life blood of an engine and different vehicle models use different grades of oil in differing amounts – check the vehicle handbook for the correct grade for your vehicle. So here is a simple procedure for checking oil level: open the car bonnet and locate the dipstick – however, some new models do not have a dipstick, they have the facility of checking the oil through the car’s computer system with a visual indicator on the car’s instrument cluster. If in doubt check the car’s drivers manual.

Remove the dipstick and wipe with a clean rag or piece of kitchen roll. Most dipsticks have two marks, the top when the engine oil is at the correct level and a second mark indicating when a top-up of oil is required.

Car Battery

Many batteries are now sealed for life and will not require topping up with distilled water again the owner’s manual will provide details. If in doubt ask your car dealer of local independent garage to check the battery condition.

Radiator Coolant

Radiator coolant is also an area that is worth checking, but remember this must be checked when the engine is cold and must of course have an element of anti-freeze.

Windscreen Washer

Finally don’t forget to check windscreen washer bottles, there is nothing more annoying when you need a clean windscreen and the washer bottle is empty. Lastly don’t forget to check the rear screen washer bottle as well.


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