Top 5 electric car maintenance issues and their costs to repair

By Julia Freeman

There’s no question that electric cars come with a lot of benefits. They run on environmentally friendly and completely renewable energy and they usually require far less maintenance than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. That said, there are still a few maintenance issues to watch out for and catching problems early can save you a lot of money.

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The battery is the most critical component of an electric car and also the most expensive to replace. EV batteries have come a long way since the early days, but problems can still occur. If the battery is exposed to unusually hot or cold conditions for long periods of time it can experience faults. Similarly, never let your battery become completely flat. Overcharging it can be damaging too. Reconditioning a damaged battery can cost anywhere up to £1500.

Tyre wear and tear

In our experience, tyre health is the number one concern for all vehicles, electric or otherwise. The condition of your tyres can have a massive impact on performance and safety, so we recommend having them checked regularly. Where possible, only fit high-quality tyres from trusted names such as Falken and Sumitomo. The cost of replacement tyres varies per brand, but our qualified fitters are always here to help.

Windscreen wipers and fluids

Another issue that electric cars have in common with their petrol counterparts; windscreen wipers will undergo just as much usage. It’s important to regularly examine your wipers for wear and replace them if they become excessively degraded. Similarly, you will still have to check and top up wiper fluid. Fortunately, these items are inexpensive. A set of new wipers, complete with wiper fluid, will usually only set you back around £50.

Brake pads

This is a more contentious issue, as electric cars use regenerative braking to slow down, which spares the brake pads. Elon Musk even claimed that brake pads outlast Tesla cars and will never need replacing. It’s still important to have them checked though, as wear can cause problems. Faulty brakes are a real safety concern and something you shouldn't simply forget about just because you own an electric vehicle. Worn brake pads cost on average around £250 to repair.

Wheel alignment

This is a common requirement for all vehicles, but it’s especially pressing for EVs due to their increased weight. Incorrectly aligned tyres lead to inconsistent wear, which will mean that you'll have to replace the tyres sooner. This can undermine some of the vehicle’s environmental credentials, as you’ll be using green energy but generating excess waste by changing tyres more frequently. Wheel alignment starts at around £30 and our qualified fitters will be able to assist you.

The local garage you can trust

If you’re having problems with your vehicle, or it’s simply due a routine service, our trained mechanics are here to help. You can book a free vehicle check online or opt for a more in-depth service. Alternately, you can give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail.

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