Spark plug replacement

By Julia Freeman

For most people who are not mechanically minded, the way in which a car's engine works is something that they rarely think about - until the day it stops working, of course. Most of us have heard all the technical terms but rarely pay much attention to them. The spark plug is a prime example of this, almost everyone has heard of them, but not so many are aware of exactly what they do, just how essential they are to the starting and running of an engine, and that they wear out and need replacing more frequently than most imagine.

Car engine

The Spark Plugs function.

As the name suggests, the spark plug delivers the spark that ignites the fuel. An internal combustion engine runs on a series of controlled explosions. In an engine, each cylinder will have its own spark plug. They work by arcing a spark between two electrodes causing combustion between the air and fuel mix which drives the pistons. Each time this happens, tiny amounts of the metal are burnt off from the tip of the spark plug, lengthening the gap the spark needs to jump to connect. Of course, over time this will slowly reduce the efficiency of the spark plug until one day the inevitable dashboard warning light comes on. Before that happens, it is worth consulting us at Protyre, the local garage you can trust. In our experience, this can often save you the hassle of a non-starting car or being stranded somewhere - a scenario nobody wants.

How often to change Spark Plugs?

As with most things to do with a car, the manufacturer's guidelines should always be adhered to or a professional should be consulted, which is where our team at Protyre, comes in. Spark plug lifespan depends greatly on the make and model of the car and the type of spark plug fitted, the variations can be as great as anything between 30,000 and 100,000 miles of use. Here at Protyre, years of experience tell us what will be the best for your particular car and when they should be changed. The spark plug replacement cost will vary, of course, also depending on the make and model of the car and we can provide quotes for any car. Our qualified fitters can carry out the work at your convenience in one of our garages.

The humble Spark Plug and more.

So once the spark plug has worked its magic and your car is rolling, don't forget the final end of that process, the tyres, which are, after all, your only contact with the road. Here at Protyre, our tyre professionals can give free advice on all your tyre-related queries to ensure your peace of mind and keep you motoring safely. We offer a full range of car, van and motorcycle tyres with large stocks, including world-class brands such as Pirelli, Falken, Sumitomo and Bridgestone. We are just a few clicks of the mouse or a phone call away. Protyre is the local garage you can trust.

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