Pre-MOT checks

By Julia Freeman

Every vehicle more than three years old needs to have a valid MOT certificate. This shows that your car is safe to be on the roads and a failure to produce one, if required, can result in severe fines. The term MOT is short for Ministry of Transport, which is what the Department of Transport used to be called.

You have to pay for your car to go through its MOT test, and if it doesn’t pass you might not be allowed to drive it until the defects have been put right. So, planning ahead helps to avoid any problems or complications that could arise. After all, it’s never convenient to find yourself without a vehicle for any length of time.
If you’re not certain how to make sure your car successfully passes its MOT test first time, or if you’re not even sure when your car MOT test is due, then we’re here to help. We’ve got all the information you need right here to make sure your vehicle passes its MOT test first time, on time.

Checking your car MOT renewal date

Now that we live in a near-paperless society, it isn’t always easy to remember when your vehicle's MOT runs out. Gone are the days when you could just check your paper MOT certificate and, as a result, that’s led to an increase in the number of fines issued.
But luckily, we’re on hand to help! Simply input your car registration into our handy search tool and we’ll tell you when your current MOT runs out. You can book your MOT test online too, at a time and location that’s convenient for you.

Pre-MOT checks

Once you’ve established when your vehicle's MOT test is due, you can follow the links on our MOT check page. These will lead you to a number of helpful guides that will help you to understand the process. Our MOT checklist page shows everything that will be checked during the test, as well as the parts of the vehicle that won’t be included in the test, such as the clutch and gearbox.
We’ve also put together a list of checks you can make yourself, such as topping up your screen wash (yes, this really is one of the checks!) and confirming that all your lights and indicators are in full working order. Then we’ll guide you through the most common problems that lead to a car failing its MOT test. Did you know, for example, that just under 15% of all MOT fails are down to a lack of tread depth in one or more tyres?

Book with Protyre

Our qualified fitters and mechanics aren’t just here to check and fit new Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Michelin tyres – or budget options, if that’s your preference, of course. We’re also on hand to offer help and advice and to keep you, your vehicle, your passengers, and other road users safe on the roads. We offer a whole range of free checks, so we can give you peace of mind on your vehicle's, tyres, brakes and general safety, in addition to car MOT and servicing.

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