Is it important to change your car's engine oil regularly?

By David Sholicar

You drive your car probably pretty much daily. It’s a good runner, you look after it, you check your tyres regularly with our qualified fitters, and you have it serviced. You’re not sure what they do but it’s probably nothing that important, right? Wrong.

pouring oil into the engine

In our experience, one of the most important things your car maintenance professionals can do for you is to change your engine oil on a regular basis. Of course, other elements of your car will need checking from time to time but this is the most critical. So why would we recommend this?

What Is An Oil Change?

The process of an oil-change is where the old oil is removed from your engine and replaced by cleaner, fresher oil. Our experts will also change the oil filter.
Here’s a bit of useful information. When you run your car did you know that the engine oil can suffer wear and tear and break down? When it does, clearly your engine lubricates less effectively and heat will not be so well absorbed. Years of experience tell us that we need to regularly change your engine oil to prevent major damage to your vehicle.

How Often Should I Change the Engine Oil?

This will depend upon how old your car is, the mileage, what type of car, how you drive and where you drive. Some vehicles may require an oil change as frequently as 3000 miles but modern vehicles vary significantly. Your owner's manual is the best port of call and it is really is important to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.
The oil you use may have a further impact. Some synthetic oils will go for 10,000 miles before you need to change them. In reality, you are likely to need to visit us more often if you drive longer distances at high speeds or live in a place with temperature extremes.

Can I Change It Myself?

You can, but most people prefer to ask professionals like ourselves to change the oil. It's a messy business and there is the added issue of safe disposal of the old oil and filter.
Our team at Protyre can undertake your oil changes, carry out your MOT, and offer a full service of your car, all in one place. We pride ourselves on having an exceptional network of garages you can access locally.
Additionally, our tyre professionals will look after your tyres to help keep you safe on the road. With many fantastic brands in stock – such as Falken, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Sumitomo – you can find and buy the right tyres for your vehicle via our website, or book one of our free safety checks, with same day appointments available in many of our branches.
If you’re looking for a regular oil change, a full car service, or even a tyre check or replacement then we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experts for advice or support.

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