If I don't service my car regularly will it impact the value?

By Julia Freeman

A full-service history (or FSH for short) is something you very often see quoted in adverts for used cars. It’s there for good reason, because when people buy a second-hand car, they want to know that it’s been looked after throughout its lifetime – and that includes servicing to the manufacturer’s schedule.

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A full set of stamps in the service book is, in our experience, a major benefit when it comes to selling your car. In fact, it’s widely believed that not having a service history can reduce the value of a car by around 25 per cent. Many potential buyers will simply walk away from a vehicle with no history.

How to tell if a car has a service history

The service book is always the first thing to look at to verify a car’s history, although in recent years, main franchises have kept records on computer, so you may be able to check a car’s service history even if the book is missing.
If you do have a book, it’s always worth looking at where the stamps have come from. Are they from the dealership that originally sold the car, or an independent specialist in that particular make, or perhaps from a local garage? This information allows you to check if the garage still exists and what sort of reputation it has. You can, therefore, assess the quality of the servicing history not just the fact that it’s been done.

Why servicing matters

Modern cars have long service intervals. Back in the 1970s you probably needed to have your car serviced every 5,000 or 6,000 miles. These days 10,000 mile or one-year intervals are common, and some cars will tell you when they need a service based on the data from the onboard computer and various sensors.
Servicing makes sure that the oil and filters are changed to keep the engine in good condition. But more than that, it ensures that the vehicle is checked for any developing faults. It will spot any damage or leaks, check components such as the brakes, suspension and more for wear and tear. All of which helps to ensure that your car remains safe and reliable and gives you peace of mind that it will work when you need it to. It also saves you money in the long run by avoiding breakdowns and consequent expensive repairs.

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At Protyre, our qualified fitters are used to working on a variety of different vehicles, so you can be confident that we will service your car to a high standard. We have different levels of service to meet a variety of needs and we offer competitive packages on combined MOT and servicing. We can even offer payment plans that will help spread the cost of your car servicing over 3 months.

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Of course, Protyre garages offer a range of other products too; we can supply new tyres from makes including Pirelli and Falken, we can also provide exhausts, wheel alignment, and free safety checks. So, whether you need your car servicing or have some other issue you would like us to take a look at, contact your local Protyre garage today or use our website to book an appointment.

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