How to not get ripped off on tyre replacement-repair?

By Julia Freeman

Garages often get a bad reputation for carrying out unnecessary work or charging unfair prices for the work that they do which has led many consumers over the years to be nervous about using them. This could perhaps be a contributing factor as to why many cars fail their MOTs on tyres, as people aren't aware of the rules for tyre safety and therefore don't check them or seek a mechanic's advice on when they should replace them.

Tyre replacement

Our years of experience tell us that using correctly inflated and fitted tyres with sufficient tread depth will significantly improve the handling of your vehicle, its fuel economy and also provide increased levels of driver safety. This is why we offer a free no obligation tyre check service to reassure and help our customers as to how to maintain the safety of their tyres and to identify the signs that they require repair or replacement.

We recommend that drivers purchase a tyre pressure gauge and a tread depth monitor in order to regularly check the depth of their tyre tread and the air pressure within their tyres to ensure that they are within the correct parameters. Alternatively, tyre pressure can be checked for free at many service stations. A simple tyre guide for tread depth is to insert a 20p coin into the tyre grooves. If the outer band of the coin cannot be seen, then the tyres have sufficient tread. Underinflated tyres cost money, so encouraging customers to check their own tyres on a regular basis, inflating them when necessary, will not only prolong their life but also save money in the long run.

If, following a tyre check, our qualified fitters advise that tyre replacement is necessary, they will explain clearly why this is the case, showing you what is wrong with the tyre and where possible, advising on how to prevent it from happening again. We stock a wide range of tyres from all of the leading manufacturers, including Falken, Pirelli and Bridgestone. We also stock mid range and budget options so we are sure to have the correct tyre in stock to suit your vehicle, driving style, annual mileage and budget requirements.

We understand that many customers are nervous about taking their car into the garage, thinking that one small fault could lead to thousands of pounds of connected expenditure. However, this is very unlikely to happen at any garage and never in our network. If you feel that you have been exploited, you should contact the customer services department of that garage, or the Motor Ombudsman [1] for advice and guidance.

We believe that no customer should ever feel nervous when taking their car in for maintenance and all quotations should clearly explain what work needs to be completed and why. We provide price breakdowns in order that you can compare quotes or seek a second opinion before you commit to having the work done. Choosing a garage with strong customer values such as trust and dependency will also prevent this from happening.

At Protyre, we believe that customer recommendations are important and many of our customers come to us through word of mouth and internet recommendations. We have over 70,000 reviews on Trustpilot, with an average of 4.8 stars. This, we believe, is down to our ethos of putting the customer first, delivering a clear and transparent service and staffing our business with experienced, fully trained personnel.

Tyres are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle. They are the only part of it that is in contact with the road and should your tyres fail, accidents are likely to happen. If you would like to benefit from a free tyre check and impartial advice, please contact your local Protyre today. You can book online for a no obligation tyre health check from one of our experienced professionals who will be happy to explain what they are looking for and to help you with tyre safety. There is no requirement to purchase anything or have any work completed in order to make use of this service. We deliver it to improve the safety of everyone using public roads.

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