How often should you get your car wheels aligned?

By Julia Freeman

Wheel alignment is a part of car maintenance that you might not have thought of before. This is where qualified fitters check the angles of each of your wheels and how they sit in respect to your car.

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Correct wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle has the best handling capability, while incorrect alignment means you’ll be going through tyres much quicker than you should be – not great for your wallet!

What to look out for

If you’ve noticed the following problems with your car then it is highly likely that your wheels need to be realigned:

  • Vibration

  • Car pulling to one side when driving at speed

  • Car wandering across lanes

  • Tyres wearing out unevenly

  • The steering wheel does not return to the centre position after it's been turned

Misaligned wheels

But what can cause your wheels to be misaligned? There are multiple occurrences or events that can lead to this, some of which are unavoidable, whilst others are unfortunate.

  • Driving off-road

  • Hitting a pothole

  • An accident

  • Bumping into a kerb

  • Regular wear and tear

Leaving your wheels out of alignment is dangerous, so it is recommended that you have a regular schedule of wheel alignment. Generally, have your wheels checked by our tyre professionals every two to three years if you live in an area with high quality roads and stable weather conditions.
If you live in an area with bumpy, uneven terrain, with poor roads with potholes, it’s best for your safety to go and have your wheels checked at least once a year.

Benefits of correct wheel alignment

Having your wheels correctly aligned will ensure that your vehicle will be much more stable on the roads and will handle better. The components of your car, such as the tyres and suspension, will last longer, saving you money in the long term. And you’ll maximise the fuel efficiency of your vehicle – a car with poorly aligned wheels can easily lose 7% of its fuel efficiency! Not checking your alignment is essentially just opening your wallet and pouring money right down the drain.

Book A Wheel Alignment

The local garage you can trust

Make sure that your wheels are checked by fitters with years of experience. Our tyre professionals at our local garages have the benefit of using Hunter Hawkeye alignment equipment, guaranteeing you the most precise and accurate tyre alignment available. Unlike inferior methods, the Hunter Hawkeye system uses a series of sophisticated sensors to verify 14 essential alignment angles on your vehicle. The position and orientation of all four wheels are compared to the manufacturer’s standards so your vehicle is aligned perfectly.

Book with Protyre

Protyre offer years of experiences at any of our one hundred and fifty-plus fast fit garages. Our experienced mechanics can offer same day services at a time that best suits you, and if you need new tyres we stock Pirelli and other leading brands at great prices. Click the ‘Find my Protyre’ to find your nearest Protyre garage and book a free wheel-alignment check today.

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