How much time does it take to service a motorbike?

By Julia Freeman

It is best to address this question to the particular garage doing the service as one of the main factors is the number of other jobs queued for that day. Once they are on it a service can take anything from 45 minutes to a day - depending on the problems discovered and the complexity of your bike. As a rule of thumb, about 2 hours is a reasonable average. If you depend on it for your daily commute, many Protyre garages let you book a motorbike service for a weekend. You can check using our online garage finder and contact form.


Every motorcycle receives a thorough examination, but bikes in good condition will only require routine items like new oil and filters, and a tune-up. Delays are very unlikely.
If you have previously neglected a regular motorbike service it is more likely the mechanic will identify emerging issues during their diagnostic examination. This can extend the service to several hours, or days if a replacement part is difficult to fit. The amount of time then depends on the complexity of your bike and occasionally on the availability of an unusual part. Protyre garages carry an excellent range of spares so delays to source components are very rare - unless you own a classic. Work on rare bikes can also be delayed if they need specialised tools.
Common brand two-strokes are the easiest to service. Top end and high-performance motorcycles have more components so expect them to take a little longer.

Servicing schedule

All road vehicles should have an annual service but having fewer wheels means that breakdowns on-the-move can be more serious, so a six-monthly service is better. A good service routine extends the life of your motorcycle and maintains its resale value.
The total amount of work is often less when a bike is serviced more often, because problems are caught sooner. You can also book in for free checks or “light” service attention between your full services - just talk to your local Protyre and negotiate your requirements.

Can I service my own bike?

We understand that motorcycles are a passion for many owners - because our engineers feel the same. That said, DIY servicing is not recommended. Few riders have the experienced eye of a Protyre professional and it is like trying to cut your own hair - you will look for some things and forget about others.
If you want to disassemble and reassemble every part of your bike for fun - go ahead! But our engineers can tell at a glance whether a clutch cable looks worn or an O-ring is beginning to split. You will have it back on the road a lot sooner! That said, we strongly encourage every owner to make regular inspections of things like tyres. Worn tyres heavily impact your bike performance, handling, fuel economy and safety.

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If you prefer, call into a Protyre garage and let our qualified fitters check them for you free of charge. By letting us monitor your tyre wear we can help you budget for the right day to fit a new set of luxury Pirelli or Bridgestone tyres.

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