How much does an average MOT cost?

By Julia Freeman

The real cost of an MOT depends on how well you prepare for it. At least half of MOT failures are for small things that owners could easily put right before the test and the other half could have been put right in a pre-test service.

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The real cost of having an MOT

Always remember that the real MOT cost is the test itself plus the remedial works, if necessary, and then additional charges for the retest. If the remedial works require special parts, you may be off the road until they arrive, so wise motorists put everything right before the test, not after!
According to the Express newspaper, the average that motorists pay to renew their MOT is closer to £143 because many need remedial work and retests.

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MOT test cost

The maximum charge for the MOT test itself is capped by law and varies depending on the type of vehicle. For the majority of four-wheeled cars, it is currently £54.85. It is £29.65 for motorcycles, £37.80 for combinations and light three-wheelers, or at the higher end £124.50 for a class V vehicle with more than 16 seats.
However, garages compete for MOT trade so very few charge the maximum. Protyre's current prices for car MOT's officially start at £29.95 but your actual MOT cost could be substantially less with an MOT discount code. These are often available from voucher sites or from our own home page, so instead of Googling "MOT near me today" you could try "Protyre MOT discount code".

Combine your MOT with a service

Your MOT cost could be zero if you book it at the same time as a service at a Protyre garage. You can do this using our online garage finder and contact form. That saves you having to search for "an MOT test centre near me" because most Protyre garages conduct MOTs and our chain is nationwide.

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A pre-test service could also save you inconvenience. The MOT rules changed recently and there are now stiffer penalties for driving your vehicle away after an MOT failure. Under the new rules, faults are classified as "Dangerous, Major and Minor" and only minor faults allow you to use the car pending a retest (things such as low windscreen wiper fluid or an internal bulb). Retests are often free if you leave the car at the garage but remember to bring the bus fare if you didn't book a service!
A full service avoids needless MOT failures and looks at important things MOT tests do not – including the engine and transmission. A service protects your pocket by avoiding breakdowns and maintaining the vehicle's resale value.

Free checks from Protyre

You can also book in for a range of completely free tests from our fully qualified fitters. We are happy to perform safety checks on your brakes and examine your tyres for wear, damage or pressure problems. You can book any of our free checks online by clicking the button below.
Tyre problems account for more than 10% of MOT failures. Our tyre professionals will happily recommend the best tyres for your vehicle from our wide range of Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Falken, Avon and Sumitomo tyres. Check our home page or visit the Offers & Promotions page for special discounts on premium tyres such as Pirelli and Michelin.

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