How do you know if your car needs a wheel alignment?

By Julia Freeman

Wheel alignment is important for road safety and optimum car handling. If you suspect that your wheels are out of alignment then you could have a problem with your suspension that creates big issues further down the line.

You can book in at your local Protyre garage for a free tyre check or have your new Bridgestone or Pirelli tyres fitted and your wheels aligned for smooth and safe driving.

What causes poor alignment?

There are generally three causes of alignment issues:

  • Sudden impact or jarring caused by hitting a kerb, being involved in an accident, or encountering one of Britain’s 500,000 potholes

  • Wear and tear causing a shift in the way your wheels line up

  • Modifying your vehicle without adjusting the suspension

Is it time for a wheel alignment?

There are plenty of telltale signs that it could be time to get your wheels aligned. Most common is when the steering wheel vibrates. This can also be caused by other issues so you will need to get your vehicle thoroughly checked over at your nearest Protyre garage. Another simple test is to take your hands off the wheel for a few seconds when there’s no other traffic around. If your car begins to drift then it’s time for an alignment.
If you’ve noticed that you have to keep adjusting the steering wheel, or the wear on your tyres is uneven, it’s time to book in to have your alignment checked by our tyre professionals.

Why is alignment important?

First and foremost, proper alignment is necessary for optimal road handling. But it doesn’t only affect your comfort and safety. If your car’s wheels are misaligned, then your tyres will wear faster and more irregularly. That costs you money in frequent tyre replacements and at the fuel pump because misaligned wheels have higher rolling resistance and poorer fuel economy. And because an uneven tyre could be at risk of a blowout, your safety is compromised in an emergency situation.
The good news is that realigning your wheels is a relatively simple task, using a machine to realign the three main angles: the camber, the caster and the toe, bringing them back to factory resets.

Prevention is better than cure

If you don’t want poor tracking to develop into a major and costly issue, you need to keep on top of it with regular checks and maintenance:

  • Check tyre tread regularly and maintain the correct pressure

  • Check whether the steering wheel is crooked even when you are driving straight

  • Book in for a free tyre and tracking check

Book in for a free tyre check at your local Protyre

At your local Protyre garage, we can perform a free tyre check to give you peace of mind. Our expert tyre professionals will check for wear and damage, tyre pressure, and tread depth to ensure that your tyres are legal. They'll advise you of any issues and whether your vehicle needs new tyres.
We can also perform a free alignment or tracking check to ensure that your car’s wheels are in the optimum position for driving. At Protyre we’re the local garage you can trust. So why not book today for hassle-free motoring throughout the year.

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