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By Julia Freeman

Before you book in for an electric car service, it’s important to choose a reputable garage. Due to their many specialised parts and the dangers associated with high voltages, not all garages will be willing or even qualified to work on an electric vehicle. Start by searching for ‘electric car specialist near me’ and check the results carefully. Always do your research to ensure that the mechanics are experienced and fully qualified to work on electric cars.

Electric Car

Here at Protyre, our mechanics have all undertaken the high-level training required to service electric cars, and we have garages across the country. Years of experience tell us that a good quality service is key to increasing your vehicle’s lifespan, so get in touch today and let us take care of the rest.

What work is carried out during an electric vehicle service?

An annual service will examine the key components of your electric car and check that they are performing correctly. A major area of importance is the battery. While batteries have radically improved from the early days of electric vehicles, a fault could cost you thousands of pounds, so it’s vital to have it checked regularly.

Checking doesn’t mean that mechanics will strip the battery down to its component parts. The battery service is largely done remotely. A mechanic will plug your battery into a computer and run various diagnostic checks to ensure that it is functioning correctly. The diagnostic process is very simple but can save you a lot of money in the long term.

Other high voltage components will need to be checked too. The mechanic will make a visual inspection of the electrical cables, along with the electrical motor and battery pack. Cables come with a protective outer layer which can sometimes become worn during use, so this will be checked too. While electric engines obviously don’t require consumables such as oil or petrol, they still become hot and need coolant. The service will include checking the level of this coolant and topping it up if it's running low.

Brakes are a slightly more complex issue. Electric cars use regenerative braking, which means that there is rarely any strain put on the brake pads. This, in turn, means that brake pads are unlikely to wear to the extent that they do on combustion engine cars. Some manufacturers even suggest that the brake pads will outlive the cars themselves. Even so, a good service will check the brakes for all the usual wear and tear and take action if required.

Aside from electrical components, the same checks are required as for a conventional vehicle. Tyres are always a safety-critical component and should be checked regularly. An electric car service will check the depth of your tyres’ treads and examine them for any signs of wear. In our experience, tyres are one of the most common problems, as degraded tyres can have a detrimental effect on vehicle handling and safety. They are also a leading cause in an MOT failure, so it’s important to pay them attention.

An annual service will also cover smaller issues such as windscreen wipers and fluids. Faulty wipers can also result in an MOT failure. Our mechanics will replace these and top up the screen wash fluid if required. Your lights will also be checked, as well as mechanical issues, for example, steering alignment.

Tyres with Protyre

We always recommend having your tyres routinely checked and only fitting recognised, high quality tyres from brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone or Falken. It’s also important to remember that different tyres are suited to different weather conditions. Seasonal variations and road conditions can have a significant impact on how they perform. Our qualified fitters are always on hand to answer any of your tyre related questions or to replace a worn tyre with a new one.

The importance of regular vehicle servicing

A service consists of up to 50 separate checks, ensuring that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. You could think of a service as a health check-up on your vehicle. The mechanic will perform a series of tests to establish the health of your car.

As you can see, services cover a range of areas. Years of experience tell us that a service is the best way to catch a problem early and stop it developing into something more serious and potentially much more expensive to resolve.

The local garage you can trust

If you are concerned about your vehicle, or if it hasn’t been serviced for a while, our highly trained mechanics are ready to assist. We have garages nationwide, with many able to offer electric vehicle servicing. To find your closest Protyre centre that can offer Electric Servicing, simply click the 'Find My Protyre' button below, enter your postcode and tick the 'Car Electric Services' box.

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