Does changing the exhaust system affect the car-bike mileage?

By Julia Freeman

First, let's examine the function of an exhaust system. With the invention of the internal combustion engine, it was clear from the start that the noxious gases the engine produced would need to be funnelled away from the rider or driver, because long-term exposure to carbon monoxide leads to death. The first exhausts were little more than simple plumbing, a pipe to disperse the fumes. Engineers soon realized, however, that differences in exhaust diameter and length changed the performance of an engine.

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Benefits of a well-maintained exhaust

A blown or leaking exhaust system manifests itself eventually in the engine being unbearably loud for you and other road users. The vehicle will be practically unusable at this point but long before it gets to that stage, exhaust faults can still be detrimental to the smooth running of your vehicle. The subsequent loss of pressure in the system will mean a reduction in the performance of the engine, and you will notice the car or bike seems sluggish to accelerate. This problem will get worse with time.

If the leak is far enough into the system, it can have an effect on the vehicle's oxygen sensor. All petrol engines have an oxygen sensor, these days often more than one. This is sometimes known as the Lambda sensor. It regulates the mixture of oxygen and fuel to ensure the engine runs efficiently while at the same time making sure emissions are kept within the prescribed limits. The dreaded engine management warning light you see sometimes lighting up on the dashboard is often tripped by this sensor picking up on problems.

A leak in the exhaust system can fool the sensor into putting in more fuel than is necessary, meaning wasted fuel, lower mpg and higher emissions. Bad for both the bank balance and the environment. So if you have any concerns about how exhaust change affects mileage or you would simply like the peace of mind of one of our free vehicle checks, book with us today. In our experience, any problems that are diagnosed earlier will save you money in the long run. Whatever the make or model of your bike or car, you can be sure of our years of experience and our expertise in all aspects of car and motorcycle servicing and maintenance to ensure that you get the best for your particular vehicle.

Changing bike exhaust : what to expect

When the time comes and your bike needs a new exhaust, our qualified fitters will carry out the work at a time and place convenient to you in one of our local garages. After fitting a new exhaust, you will hear immediately that your machine sounds better than before. But it is not only the sound, the bike will be "breathing" better, running efficiently, and sending less of your hard-earned cash up in petrol fumes.

The exhaust system works in harmony with many other parts of the engine to ensure the overall performance, mpg, and emissions of the machine, so it is a good idea to have the exhaust system checked regularly. Think of the exhaust as the vehicle's lungs, while the engine is its heart. Both are vital for longevity. Whether your bike is a high-tech marvel or an everyday workhorse, it relies on the exhaust to do its job. It is not solely exhaust systems with which we are experts.

As our name suggests, here at Protyre, we are experts in another part of the bike that should be checked regularly: the tyres. These are almost certainly the most important components in terms of safety and performance. We are leading tyre specialists, with over 2 million tyres fitted each year. We stock an extensive range of world-class tyre brands, including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken and Sumitomo. Our tyre professionals are always on hand for expert advice, we are never far away, and you can book a free online check with us anytime. Protyre is the local garage you can trust.

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