Do electric vehicles require regular servicing?

By Julia Freeman

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly viable options for individuals and businesses alike. They are now able to compete with traditional cars on both functionality and reliability. They are still more expensive, but the price differential is reducing. The most popular electric car today is the Tesla Model 3.

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Why is vehicle servicing so important?

Having services at the recommended intervals is important for several reasons. These include maintaining your vehicle’s safety, keeping the warranty valid, lowering your insurance costs, retaining value and meeting any contractual obligations. Avoiding regular servicing can mean that minor issues are not identified or rectified early enough to prevent them from becoming larger, more expensive issues.

What aspects of electric vehicles are checked during a service?

Electric vehicles have a considerable amount in common with conventional ones. There are a number of similar checks made as during a service on electric, petrol and diesel vehicles. These elements include:

  • suspension

  • steering

  • wheels, tyres and alignment

  • lights

The additional elements that will only be checked during services on electric vehicles include:

The electric motor(s)

Normally these require little servicing due to the fact that only a handful of bearings take the majority of the strain.

The battery

Where the battery is so different on an electric vehicle from a traditional combustion engine, this element involves simply plugging in to the vehicle’s internal computer and analysing the battery data. This will allow the mechanic to check the condition of the battery.

The cabling

Electric cars have high-voltage cabling and it is important to check that the outer layers of the cables and the connectors are not damaged or broken.

The brakes

Electric vehicles use “regenerative braking”, the electric motor is used to recharge the battery under braking. This usually means the traditional friction brakes are used less frequently, so they should suffer from less wear and therefore last longer. They must still, however, be thoroughly checked during a service, along with brake fluid levels.


The batteries in electric vehicles can get extremely hot, so coolant is used to manage the temperature . The level and condition of the coolant fluid is checked during the service.

How often should I have my electric car serviced?

In theory, an electric car should not need to be serviced as often as a traditional petrol or diesel car, but this is not always the case. You should refer to your owner’s manual for the exact recommendations for your specific vehicle. Services on electric cars tend to be cheaper than those on traditional cars, as there are fewer parts that need inspecting and the motor and battery do not usually require much servicing.

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