Covid-19 Update Keeping our staff and customers safe

By David Sholicar

The government has asked us to keep our garages open to ensure that key workers, people in the transport sector, those supporting our local communities, and individuals that rely upon their car to collect shopping or fulfil their pharmacy needs are able to keep moving and travelling safely.

Protyre garage

To make this happen, Protyre remain open, operational, and committed to keeping all staff and customers safe during this time. The steps we are taking to be able to do so have been outlined below.


In all of our branches we’ve introduced a series of measures in order to safeguard our customers and staff from the spread of the coronavirus and we are continuously briefing all staff on the latest company guidance and policies.

When you arrive on site the first change you will notice is that we have created an orderly queueing system to allow customers to wait in their cars. We are only asking customers to come into reception in order to pay, although in smaller reception areas we are restricting the number of people allowed in at one time to ensure safe distancing.

In each branch, the reception areas have marked lines that are 2 meters away from the counter and we’ve placed a payment terminal on a separate plinth outside this line, both of which are cleaned regularly. We ask that, where possible, payments be made using cashless methods, i.e. debit card, Google Pay (formerly Android Pay), and Apple Pay.

All of our sites are thoroughly cleaned down on a daily basis and before and after every job, our staff thoroughly wash and sanitise their hands. In each vehicle a new set of gloves and seat covers are used.

Some customers may be anxious or have reservations about visiting their local centre, so we have introduced a few measures to help here; in some circumstances we are able to offer a collect-and-deliver service, and in certain areas we can offer a mobile fitting service. Please speak with your local branch for more information or to arrange either of these.

Every member of Protyre staff has been briefed in these safety protocols and are required to adhere to them; we kindly ask any customers visiting one of our centres to do the same. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local branch.

Our website and other social channels will be fully updated with the latest information as and when the situation develops.

Keeping Staff and Customers Safe with Hygiene Protocols & Social Distancing in the Workplace

Covid Preventive Measures

We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of this virus and keep our staff safe:

  • We are deep cleaning our centres daily.

  • Our staff are using new gloves and seat covers on each vehicle.

  • Our staff wash their hands before and after every job.

  • We are asking customers to stand behind 2m marked lines so we can observe social distancing.

  • We are minimising all forms of contact - and asking for contactless payment where possible.

  • We are setting up the PDQ payment machines on a plinth away from the counter and cleaning them regularly.

  • We are creating an orderly queuing system for customers to wait IN their cars only asking customers to come into reception to pay.

  • We are continuously briefing all our staff on the latest company guidance and policies for safeguarding their health.

For customers who are anxious about contact:

  • We can offer a ‘contactless’ service where you can leave your car with us if you are concerned

  • We can offer a collect and deliver service by arrangement with your local centre

  • In certain areas, we can offer a mobile fitting service, ask your local manager for details

If you need any special assistance, please call your local garage manager and they will be happy to provide whatever help they can. Thank you to all our staff and customers for their continued support, we wish everyone well.

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By David Sholicar
David is the National Retail Operations Manager for Protyre. One of David’s areas of responsibility and expertise is dealing with the DVSA and MOT’s for Protyre. As the Authorised Examiner Designate Manager ( AEDM ) David deals with applications for changes to the many Vehicle Testing Stations ( VTS’s) including managing the growth of the Number of MOT testing stations that Protyre operate, allocating MOT tester roles, and monitoring the MOT Test logs to ensure that Protyre MOT standards are maintained as the best in the industry.
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