COVID-19 Can I still refuel my car?

By David Sholicar

If you are not self-isolating and are on the road then you can refuel and there are some great options to safeguard yourself.

petrol station

Self-service pumps like the ones at many supermarket filling stations are the easiest option for keeping human contact to a minimum. Many petrol stations offer disposable gloves, put these on before handling the pump or using payment terminals. Other than that, go when it’s quiet and you should be able to avoid any human contact.

You’ll still need those gloves for handling the pump but app-based payment systems like Shell’s Fill Up & Go remove one further level of interaction and let you pay for your fuel on your phone. However you do it, you’ll still want to wash or disinfect your hands afterwards, so keep some hand sanitiser in your car.

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By David Sholicar
David is the National Retail Operations Manager for Protyre. One of David’s areas of responsibility and expertise is dealing with the DVSA and MOT’s for Protyre. As the Authorised Examiner Designate Manager ( AEDM ) David deals with applications for changes to the many Vehicle Testing Stations ( VTS’s) including managing the growth of the Number of MOT testing stations that Protyre operate, allocating MOT tester roles, and monitoring the MOT Test logs to ensure that Protyre MOT standards are maintained as the best in the industry.
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