Clutch Repairs & Replacements

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Most of us don’t give our vehicle’s clutch any thought at all - until something goes wrong.

Clutch Repairs

The clutch isn’t the most glamorous part of a vehicle but it plays an essential role in changing gears. If it stops working correctly, there’s potential for a serious accident. An inability to change or disengage gears when travelling at speed could be disastrous, not just for you and your passengers, but for other road users as well.

Many of our customers are surprised to discover that there’s much more to Protyre than simply replacing and repairing tyres. In addition to fitting your new Pirelli or Bridgestone tyres, we undertake vehicle MOT tests and servicing, so we can fulfil all your car’s mechanical needs.

Clutch repairs & replacements probably aren’t at the top of your wish list but it’s important to be prepared when things go wrong, so keep a lookout for any signs that your vehicle’s clutch isn’t behaving quite as it should do.

Issue with your clutch? Best get in touch!

Protyre's highly-trained mechanics will be able to advise on whether your clutch may need repairing, or replacing. If you would like peace-of-mind on the road this Winter, why not book your vehicle in for a free safety check? Click the button below to book online, or alternatively, give your local Protyre garage a call and book over the phone.

There are three parts to the clutch: the disc, the pressure plate and the flywheel. Each component is subjected to tremendous forces, which can be exacerbated by city or town driving which involves a lot of gear changing. If you suspect a problem, it’s worth getting your clutch checked over before the situation escalates. In our experience, this will save you a lot of time, trouble and money in the long run.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in the ‘biting point’ of your clutch? This is an indication that something is going wrong, so it’s best to seek professional advice immediately before the situation escalates. Or you may find that your clutch is starting to ‘stick’ when you engage it. This is another warning sign that you need to take seriously. It might not seem much of a problem right now, but when you’re far from home, late at night and you find that your clutch won’t let you change gear, you’ll soon wish you’d taken prompt action at the first sign of trouble!

Be on your guard for any signs of ‘whining’ from the transmission, which can indicate problems with the clutch thrust bearing. And if the pressure plate becomes excessively worn, you may notice a burning smell which should never be ignored. Also, keep a watchful eye on your vehicle’s acceleration. If the engine revs but the power doesn’t seem to be there, this is another clear sign that your clutch may need some attention.

Any of these symptoms suggest problems with the clutch, none of which will resolve themselves. Early intervention will minimise any damage to other components, saving you money in the long run and avoiding the risk of complete failure.

Why not book your free vehicle safety check online today at your nearest Protyre garage? We offer a range of free checks to give you complete peace of mind when you’re motoring. With so many years of experience in the industry, we’ll have you back on your way in next to no time.

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