When To Do Maintenance On Your Car Based On Mileage

By Mariana Saenzpardo

Other than buying a home, a car is likely to be the most expensive item that most of us will ever purchase. To that end, it is vital to take good care of it to both protect your investment and to keep it running correctly.

Car Mileage

In addition to servicing and for vehicles that are three years old or more, there are a number of tasks that should be undertaken to help keep your car in great condition. How often these jobs are required determined by how many miles you drive each year.

Our time in the industry has given us considerable insight into the maintenance jobs required on cars and, whilst all manufacturers will give slightly different advice, our years of experience tell us that the following list is a great starting point for a car mileage check.

This checklist is also a useful input in assessing the value of a used car, based on the recorded mileage and what has been replaced, compared with what is still original.

Every 3000 to 7000 miles

Most manufacturers suggest that both oil filters and the oil should be changed at this frequency. This is definitely a job that most keen amateurs should be able to complete. Similarly, ensuring that the transmission fluid level and other fluids such as power steering fluids are at the correct level is useful here. Inspect your coolant, air conditioning system, radiator hoses, suspension and brake pads at this interval too. Checking your lights and tyres is also wise.

Need some help from the professionals?

Why not book a free safety check and let our expert technicians check your vehcile for carry out a 6-Point Check that covers your car's lights, wiper blades, oil level, battery health, tyre condition and also includes a windscreen wash top up, if required.

Between 15,000 and 30,000 miles

At this point, air filters should be replaced and by 20,000 miles, checking the battery is a good idea as it is getting towards halfway through its useful life. At the 25,000 mile mark, a new fuel filter is likely to be required, whilst a new air filter and power steering fluid is often required once 30,000 miles is reached.

From 35,000 to 50,000

Your battery could well need to be replaced at 35,000 miles. Taking a look at the ignition and suspension system (particularly bushes and shock absorbers) is recommended at 40,000 miles and due to the expected life of these components, they should also be checked periodically from this point until replacement is needed. 40,000 miles is also a common point at which your cam belt may require replacement. This is critical since belt failure can cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

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Every 60,000 miles

Depending upon the way in which the vehicle has been driven, it is not unusual to require a replacement clutch by this point. Some high-performance cars may require earlier replacement. Hereafter, other components such as wheel bearings, gearbox and, ultimately, the engine itself, may require replacement.

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