Car Exhaust Replacements

Your car’s exhaust system carries away the waste gasses produced by the engine having, in modern cars, filtered them through a catalytic converter along the way to reduce the pollutants expelled into the atmosphere.

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The exhaust system starts at the engine with the manifold that takes gasses directly from the engine. This has a branch for each cylinder which lead into a pipe that runs beneath the car. Somewhere along the way there will be a silencer box, this contains baffles to slow the gasses down and reduce noise. There will also be the catalyst, before a tailpipe that allows the gasses to escape at the rear of the car. On expensive or sporty models, there may be more than one exhaust system, with pipes down both sides of the car.

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Because of the way in which they are made and the way they work, car exhaust replacements are essential for most vehicles at some point during their lives. Exhausts fitted as original equipment by manufacturers are generally made of mild steel. Although they have a protective coating, they are underneath the vehicle and therefore exposed to mud, salt and water spray from the road which can lead to corrosion.

Because a certain amount of water is produced by the combustion process of the engine, exhausts become wet on the inside too. You’ll often notice a dribble of water from a car’s tailpipe as it drives away after a cold start. This generally becomes dried out by the heat from the engine on a long journey, but on vehicles that are only used for short trips, corrosion from the inside is one of the most common causes of exhaust failure.

Of course, because of the exhaust’s position beneath the car, it’s also vulnerable to damage. This can occur from speed humps or debris in the road which can dent the pipes or silencers, this can affect the gas flow and therefore affect the efficiency of the system. In severe cases, the joints between sections of the exhaust can break and it can drop down and trail on the road. You can get stainless steel exhausts which are more resistant to corrosion, but they are still vulnerable to damage.

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The first sign that your exhaust needs replacing is usually a louder noise coming from under the car. This is usually due to a hole in the pipe or silencer caused by corrosion. You may also notice a knocking or rattling sound if part of the exhaust has become loose. Other signs include a low or dragging pipe and more smoke than usual or smoke coming from under the car.

In addition to supplying tyres from well-known brands such as Pirelli and Falken, we can also supply and fit car exhaust replacements. Even if you haven’t noticed a problem with the exhaust it should be checked every year. This can be done as part of the annual service or you can book a free vehicle check via the Protyre website and our qualified fitters will advise you if anything needs attention.

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