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By Camelia Maftei

Here at Protyre, years of experience have told us that looking after and maintaining all the components of your vehicle is essential for its efficiency, safety and longevity. Your car's exhaust and the catalytic converter are two of those elements that will always benefit from a regular check-up. If you have noticed anything that concerns you whilst you are driving or you feel that you would like your exhaust checked, read on to find out how the experts at Protyre can help.

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Problems you may encounter with your car exhaust

If the exhaust on your car is starting to fail, you may have noticed when you're out and about during normal daily driving that you'll hear some unusual engine noise. In addition to this, you may have noticed that your fuel efficiency has reduced and that a full tank is simply not lasting as long. Both these factors may be an indication that there could be a problem with your exhaust. Issues with your exhaust could also create a burning smell or there could also be unexplained rattling noises or the sound of something dragging on the ground whilst you are driving. Any or all of these problems could indicate that it's time your exhaust has an urgent check up.

Why should you get your car's exhaust checked?

Even if you have not noticed any of the aforementioned problems with your exhaust, it is important to get it checked regularly as exhaust problems can affect the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle. Most modern cars have hardwearing exhausts that should last for years but all vehicles suffer from a degree of general wear and tear that can affect your exhaust system.

Car exhausts are, by definition, in close proximity to the road surface. As such, they can become damaged by driving over speed bumps too quickly or regularly driving over rough or uneven ground. This damage can happen gradually but it is important to get your vehicle checked promptly if you are concerned that your car may have sustained any damage.

What does the Protyre free exhaust check include?

If you bring your vehicle to a Protyre garage, the free exhaust check with our experts will include inspecting the entire exhaust system of your car, from the engine manifold through to checking your catalytic converter, silencer and all pipework. Once the thorough inspection is complete, our experts can advise you as to any work that needs undertaking and whether your exhaust system needs any replacement parts.

If your car's exhaust needs work, what next?

When the inspection of your car by our exhaust experts is complete, the best outcome is, of course, that there is nothing that requires attention. However, if our technicians discover that there is a problem with your exhaust, our qualified fitters will be able to give you a competitive, detailed and no-obligation quote for any work that needs to be done.

Here at Protyre, we also offer a full range of services, including general vehicle servicing, MOTs and diagnostic tests. In addition, our garages offer free air conditioning checks, free alignment and suspension checks, free battery and brake checks and, of course, our free tyre checks and fitting. If you require new tyres, our tyre professionals at Protyre can assist with the tyre installation with options from many well-known tyre brands, such as Pirelli and Bridgestone.

If you're looking for car exhaust repairs or if you have any concerns about any element of your car maintenance, please contact Protyre either via our website or by telephone.

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