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By Julia Freeman

Your car's air conditioning system is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of its operation. It's easy to imagine that all it does is keep the cabin cool and that it's a simple system you can forget about. In reality, air conditioning does a lot more than just cool you down. The air con and heating system cleans and purifies the air. It filters out pollution, dirt and even bacteria, making the atmosphere inside your car safer and more pleasant.

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Air conditioning isn't something you should forget about. In our experience, air conditioning should be serviced at least every two years for optimal function. This can be done as part of a routine car service, but it's essential if you want to keep your cabin fresh and healthy.

Why isn’t my air conditioning blowing out cold?

Air conditioning can malfunction or at the very least grow less effective over time as the volume of refrigerant gas in the system dwindles. The process occurs naturally but can be accelerated if you don't use your air conditioning regularly. An air conditioning system that doesn't seem as cool as it once was, or has stopped blowing out cold air altogether, is a sure sign that your refrigerant gas levels are running low.

When you detect these changes, you'll need a car aircon re-gas. This will top the levels up and get your air conditioning functioning at its best again. Many drivers notice a big change after a re-gas. Remember that air conditioning also has a role to play in de-misting windows, so there's a safety element involved too.

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What is an air conditioning service?

An air conditioning service is more broadly encompassing than just a re-gas, however. This examines every element of your system to ensure that it's functioning at its best. A trained mechanic will perform the obligatory temperature and refrigerant check to ensure that everything is as it should be, but then they'll move on to check the unit's main components. These include the drive belts and hoses along with the condenser and the compressor. A fault in any of these components can undermine the entire system, so they need to be routinely checked, at least every two years.

After examining the air conditioning system itself, the mechanic will complete the service by checking for any leaks. These can be difficult to identify and often take a professional eye. Leaks in air conditioning systems are sometimes so subtle that the temperature change is nearly imperceptible over time, but you'll experience a dramatic change when the system is repaired.

 A service will also clean out the system. Dirt and bacteria can build up in an air conditioning system that hasn't been used for a long time, especially if that system isn't functioning at peak capacity. Cleaning removes any problems and ensures that when you turn the air conditioning on it will be working hard to keep your car fresh and healthy.

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There are 2 types of air conditioning gas – R134A for vehicles manufactured during or before 2014, and R1234YF for vehicles manufactured since 1st January 2017. We offer both of these within the Protyre network and all of our engineers fully trained and certified with the Safe Handling of Refrigerants Certificate, so you can be sure you are getting the right gas for your vehicle from experienced hands.

If you're worried about any other element of your vehicle's health, we offer free vehicle checks to give you peace of mind motoring. We have many years of experience maintaining vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and we can even advise on tyre choices from brands including Michelin or Pirelli if it's time for an upgrade. So, why not book a check online today or visit one of our local garages.

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