Are worn brake discs an MOT failure?

By Julia Freeman

There are a number of myths about the MOT, specifically regarding what does or doesn't constitute an automatic failure. Our years of experience tell us that the answers are never as clear cut as one might think. Here we take a look at some of these myths and see how true they are.

Brake discs and pads

Changes made to the MOT test criteria back in 2018 mean that word of mouth may well be out of date regarding what will cause a car to fail the test. The biggest change was that rather than individual elements being marked as a pass or fail, defects are now classified as Dangerous or Major. A car cannot be driven with a Dangerous defect. The law requires that repairs must be made before it is used again.

Are worn brake discs an MOT failure?

A brake disc which is worn close to its minimum thickness will result in an advisory note but will not constitute a failure. A brake disc which is worn below this minimum will be classed as a major fault, resulting in an MOT failure. A loose brake disc will be classified as a dangerous defect, which means the car cannot be driven until the defect is repaired.

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Will my car fail if my spare tyre is bald?

If your spare tyre is not currently fitted to your vehicle, it will not be inspected as part of an MOT. That said, if your spare tyre is not road legal, it is of no use if you have a puncture. If this is the case with your spare, why not pop into your local Protyre garage and take a look at our range of tyres including premium brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Falken?

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Will my car fail if my front fog lights are broken?

Front fog lights are not a requirement for an MOT, in fact not all cars have front fog lights. However, your rear fog lights are required in order to pass the MOT, so it is essential to check that they are working before bringing in your vehicle for testing.

Can I drive my car if it fails its MOT?

Under UK law, you must have a valid MOT certificate in order to drive your car on the road. You will not be able to obtain insurance or tax without a valid MOT, so driving without one is illegal.

If you take your car for testing before your current MOT certificate has expired, and it then fails the test, your vehicle will still be covered by this certificate. At this point, you will be able to drive your car to a garage in order for repairs to be carried out, before returning for another MOT test.

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