10 Essential Car Maintenance And Repair Tips in 2023

By David Sholicar

Here at Protyre, we know how important it is to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, so it is always safe and efficient to drive. In our experience, there are many essential car maintenance tips to follow so that you can hopefully reduce the costs of any repairs in the future and always keep your vehicle roadworthy and legally compliant. Read onto to discover our top 10 car repair tips 2023.

refilling car fluids


The tyres on your car can be one of the most expensive elements so it is important to keep them in great condition. We recommend that you regularly check your tyre pressure by visiting a filling station with a tyre pressure gauge and air pump so that your car remains fuel efficient and safe to drive. You can find the correct tyre pressure in the handbook for your vehicle and remember, there may be different pressures required for your front and rear tyres. It is also important to check the tread and wear on your tyres, the minimum legal tread for a car tyre is 1.6mm. Anything under that is unsafe and your car will fail its MOT and we recommend 3mm as a safe minimum.

In our experience, biting off more than you can chew with car maintenance can be an expensive and sometimes dangerous mistake to rectify. Here we take a brief look at some of the areas in which you can undertake car repair at home.

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Engine oil

A quick and easy check that you can complete on your driveway is to check your engine oil levels. The oil must remain between the maximum and minimum levels on the car's dipstick, otherwise, you could run the risk of your car sustaining engine damage or it could break down. Also, be aware of how much oil your car consumes, too much could indicate underlying problems. 


An average car battery has a lifespan of around 4 years. You may notice that when a battery is starting to fail that your car won't start every time or that it feels sluggish when turning the engine over. Here at Protyre, we know the importance of checking your battery and we offer a free check service that only takes a few minutes. We can also replace a failed battery and dispose of it safely.


Brakes are another essential car component which wear out in time. It is important to regularly check your brakes for issues such as vibration or unusual noises when braking, the brakes feeling spongy or your vehicle pulling to one side when braking.

Wipers and windscreen wash

It is important that your windscreen wipers are in good condition with no damage or holes that will cause a problem in heavy rain. You should also regularly check your windscreen wash, especially in the winter months as there is so much more dirt and spray on the roads that can affect visibility.

Lights and indicators

Checking that all your lights and indicators are working is another important job to do for car safety. The best way is to have someone walk around your car whilst you are testing everything to make sure that all the bulbs are still working. It is also easy to change the car bulbs yourself if you find that one is blown.


Your vehicle will usually require a service either annually or after you have covered the service interval mileage noted on the owner's manual. A service will check the engine, the steering, the exhaust, the brakes and the tyres and much more. It is very important for your car's safety, efficiency and longevity that you ensure your car is regularly serviced.

Dashboard warning lights

Keep an eye on your dashboard messages and warning lights as they are often the first indicator that something has gone wrong or needs attention with your vehicle.


An issue with your car's steering can become apparent if your car becomes difficult to control, feels heavy or stiff. A number of steering issues can be caused by incorrect or low tyre pressure but it is always worth getting the steering itself checked if you have any concerns.


Suspension is one of the hardest working elements of a vehicle and it is important to keep it maintained so your car continues to run smoothly. Problems with your suspension could include unusual sounds when driving, issues with your steering or the car feeling too bouncy when driving.

At Protyre, we care about the maintenance of your vehicle and offer a wide range of vehicle checks including battery checks, suspension checks, brake checks, exhaust checks, steering checks and tyre checks, all free of charge. We also offer a range of MOT and service options with our bronze, silver and gold services which cover all needs and budgets.

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