Expert Vehicle Maintenance Advice

Looking for the answer on how to look after your vehicle and undetake the day to day maintenance tasks needed? Look no further then our handy vehicle maintenance tips and advice section. As a vehicle owner it is vitally important that you are carrying out regular maintenance on your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will be a lot more likely to be prone to more serious problems in the future that could lead to you being greatly out of pocket. By performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, it will highly reduce the risk of serious problems occurring in the future as well as improving the driving quality of your vehicle. Many vehicle owners fail to perform the necessary vehicle maintenance tasks that are so important due to ignorance, lack of awareness or even laziness. To give the best advice possible we have compiled a list of how to guides written by our trusted experts here at Protyre. New advice is added on a regular basis by our trusted mechanics, so please check back for new articles. 

Keeping Your Car Healthy This Winter

Every year winter seems to creep up on us. Without doubt, the disbelief of how dark it gets so early happens every time. We always forget how cold it was the year before and are met with shivers and groans as we head to our cars most mornings.

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Visual Brake Calliper & Brake Pad Inspection

The brakes on a car are the most important part of the vehicles safety which is why you need to keep them in a good working order. Inspecting your brakes regularly can help identify potential problems that can be repaired before they turn into bigger and expensive issues. Most brake inspections consist of looking at the condition of the brake pads, discs and callipers. You should always inspect your brakes at least twice a year to prevent problems.
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The winter months put additional strain on batteries and ensuring they are in good working order and that they are charging correctly will ensure that those early morning or late night breakdowns become far rarer industry sources suggest that one of the principal reasons for breakdown call outs is a faulty battery.
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Vehicle Maintenance - Fluids

Regular checks of the fluid levels under the bonnet of a car can not only save money, but also prevent breakdowns.
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Vehicle Maintenance - Wiper Blades

Are your windscreen wipers working efficiently?  Do they squeak everytime you turn them on? These are sure signs that the wiper blades are becoming worn out.
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Diagnostics What Is It And What Are The Benefits

Car diagnostics is simply the process of electronically testing the performance of your vehicle.
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Vehicle Maintenance Head Gasket

The head gasket plays a very important role in the function of your car’s engine.
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Vehicle Tracking Services

Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology, the same technology as that used in satellite navigation.
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