About Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese car manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. As of March 2014 the corporation consisted of 338,875 employees worldwide and as of November 2014 Toyota is the eleventh-largest company in the world by revenue. Toyota was the largest car manufacturer in 2012 in terms of production ahead of the Volkswagen Group and General Motors producing the companies 200-millionth vehicle in 2012. Toyota is the world's first car manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year.

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Toyota Auris

The Toyota Auris is a compact hatchback derived from the Toyota Corolla, the Auris is now in its second generation and a popular choice. 

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Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo has been sold by Toyota in Europe since 2005. The second generation of the Toyota Aygo was launched in 2014.

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Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica is an iconic sports car that was manufactured by the Toyota Group between 1971 and 2006.

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Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is a three and five-door hatchback car produced since 1998 and is  one of the most popular vehicles in the UK. 

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Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a mid-size SUV produced by Toyota and sold throughout the world from 1984 to present.

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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric hatchback, developed by Toayota. The Prius is now in its fourth generation.

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Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) it was the first compact crossover SUV, making its debut in Japan and Europe in 1994.

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