About Suzuki Swift

Originally created as a city car for both the European and Japanese markets, the Suzuki Swift is a cheap and cheerful subcompact car designed by the Japanese carmaker in the early 1980s. Today’s car is lightweight, with great handling allowing it to take tight corners with ease. There’s not much in the way of body lean and there’s lots of grip too, while its pair of 1.0 litre and 1.2 litre engines will let you take to any B roads without any issues.
On the motorway, once you’ve settled into a cruise you’ll notice that both the 1.0 litre Boosterjet hybrid and the 1.2 litre Dualjet can bring in a great wallet-friendly 65.7mpg, as long as you don’t mind a fair bit of road noise and whistling from around the door mirrors and door seals when at speed.
Its small size means the Suzuki Swift is very cosy but in a good way with lowered back seats to give extra headroom for the taller among us, and the boot on the new Swift offers 240 litres behind the rear seats. Not a huge amount, but enough for a car of this size.

Suzuki Swift specifications

Price range: £6,500 - £14,484
Engine size: 1.0L - 1.2L
Range of insurance: 22-35
Fuel economy: 50-65 mpg
Power: 88-138bhp

Suzuki Alto Tyre Options

In order to see which tyre will fit your car, you should look at which tyres have been fitted already. To do this you can check the size, which should be on the sidewalls of the fitted tyres. The most popular tyre sizes for the Suzuki Swift are:

  • 185/55R16
  • 175/65R15

New Tyres for your Suzuki Swift

If you’re looking for new tyres for your Suzuki Swift, here at Protyre we have a range of options from a host of premium manufacturers that will suit your needs. From Pirelli and Falken to Sumitomo and Bridgestone, we have the right match for your car. Look on our webpage for your nearest garage.
For more information on which types of tyres you should choose, simply type “tyres for my Suzuki Swift” into an internet browser, or alternatively you can use our tyre selection tool on the site to gather more information.